Rottweiler Diet and Nutrition

Rottweiler diet and nutrition

You will find that the best Rottweiler health care you can give your dog is through a proper diet and you will need to provide your Rottweiler with the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. When any of these compounds are absent from the food, the Rottweiler will fall sick of something or other.

As per the standard Rottweiler care, the puppy should be fed four or five times a day until it is ten to 12 months old. The adult Rottweiler could be fed twice per day, though some veterinarians okay feeding it once a day. In order to ensure a good appetite for your dog, establish a timely routine for its food. The best time for feeding is at breakfast and dinnertime of the family.

The puppy food should be changed into adult food gradually when you observe that the dog has reached about 90 percent of its total weight. The change can take place over four to seven days in order to allow that Rottweilerĺs digestive system adjust to it.

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Good Diet According To The Standard Rottweiler Care

The best Rottweiler care indicates that its diet and nutrition includes meat, fish, milk, vegetables and cereals as each one contributes to the health of the Rottweiler. In spite of popular belief, your Rottweiler can be purely vegetarian and still be healthy. Though these dogs relish meat and blood, they will thrive just as well on a total vegetarian diet, provided they have the necessary balance of protein and other dietary elements.

Rottweilers are avid meat eaters and it is necessary for their diet for it to be more in raw form than cooked form. However, unless you are sure that the meat is of high quality do not feed it to the dog as it may be contaminated and will harm the dog more than help it.

The right balance of diet and nutrition is of paramount importance and the Rottweiler care principles dictate standard rations for an adult dog per day include an equal amount of meat and cereal, slightly less vegetables along with bread, animal oil and salt.

As per the dictates of Rottweiler care, you will know that you are using the right diet when the dog maintains its weight, has a good coat luster and is as active. An ill fed dog would be sickly, and Rottweilers in particular, tend to catch all the viruses possible when they are underfed since the have a weak immune system.

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