Rottweiler pinch steel and antique copper collar with nylon cover - 50145 (13) 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)

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  • Model: HS31#1018 50145 (13) (3.99) Cover+Collar

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Rottweiler Pinch Collar with Nylon Protector

Need strong and efficient pinch collar for Rottweiler walking and training?

This Training Collar Cover is designed to help you train your dog in public while onlookers are present. Thus the prong collar cover addresses this by covering the collar, making the pinch training collar look like a nylon collar.

The cover is made of two layers of webbing with Velcro sandwiched between the layers that extends out the sides of the webbing and wraps around the inside of the prong collar. It is very easy to put on and it will not slip off the collar. Nylon removable protector reduces contact with water and protects against excessive light reflection. Besides, thanks to this cover, the item looks like a regular collar.

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25 Inch Prong Collar - Original Herm Sprenger Collar-3.9 mm
25 Inch Prong Collar - Original Herm Sprenger Collar-3.9 mm

Key features of this Collar:

  • Prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • Nylon Removable Protector
  • Swivel for better handling and leash attachment
  • Fur saving links
  • Extra strong
  • Middle plate
  • Perfectly suits long and shorthair breeds
  • Looks good on your dog's neck
  • Has extraordinary look

Intended use of this Collar:

  • Safe walking
  • Obedience training
  • Behaviour correction

Sizes available:

  • 24 inch (63cm)
  • Prongs diameter - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch)


  • Steel and antique copper

This Pinch Collar is of the highest quality. Steel and Antique Copper was used in manufacturing this pinch collar. Antique Copper is a general term used to describe an applied dull matt copper finished with areas of darker relief which give emphasis to parts of the product. The base metal is usually steel or brass.

The size of this Pinch Collar is 24 inch (63cm) with prongs diameter - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch). If your dog's neck circumference is more than 24 inch (63 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the general collar length.

Other size available:

3.00 mm (1/9 inch)- diameter of the prongs, 10 links - quantity of links, 22 inch (55 cm) - overall length of the collar.

The weight of this Dog Pinch Collar without nylon protector is about 14 oz (400 g).

It is much cheaper to buy pinch collar and Nylon Protector together. Pinch Collar is usually made of metal and has prongs evenly arranged around the collar. It should be worn high on the dog's neck, right under dog's chin and behind his ears. This collar will be perfect for those Rottweilers that have problems with behavior, but you should remember that it is to be used only for training purposes. It is well-known fact that some dog trainers and owners consider Pinch Collars harsh. They think that they are inhumane, that they may slip off dog's head as well as they consider these collars ineffective. But all of this is not true if you carefully follow all terms about using pinch collar and if you never leave your dog alone wearing a pinch collar.

The collars made of these materials are NOT RECOMMENDED for dog with white fur as because of normal abrasion processes they may color white fur of a dog. If your dog has white fur we advise to order a nickel free Curogan collar.

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