Stainless Steel Choke Dog Collar with Quality Label for Rottweiler 1/9 inch (3 mm)

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  • Model: HS64#1018 51112 (55) Choke collar 3mm

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Rottweiler Choke Collar with Quick Effect

Great Metal Choke Collar with Quick Release-Rottweiler training! For many years top trainers have relied on Herm Sprenger quality, we are pleased to be able to bring to you the entire line of Herm Sprenger Fursaver collars. Herm Sprenger is known for its sophisticated production techniques, consistent quality and superb craftsmanship in dog, boat and horse products. Get the Strength of a Stainless Steel Collar!

  • Quality Choke     Rottweiler CollarExtra durable choke collar for Rottweiler
  • Strong Rottweiler collar in silver colorRottweiler choke collar of High-quality

Key features of this Choke Collar:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Identification red tag
  • Super strong
  • Silver-like color
  • Quick training effect
  • Top quality

Intended use of this Choke Collar:

  • Obedience training
  • Safe walking
  • Behavior correction

Sizes available:

  • See the table of sizes


  • Stainless steel

Depending upon the size of the Collar, its weight may vary from 2.5 oz (73 g) to 4.9 oz (141 g).

Please note that Herm Sprenger manufacturers standard line for everyone in the world. Don't be fooled by some retailers who claim that Herm Sprenger products they offer were specifically manufactured for them. This is cheap dirty trick to justify higher price, don't fall into this trap. We pay your attention to the special red label on the Collar’s chain. All Herm Sprenger Collars, made of stainless steel, is equipped with this label. It confirms that they are produced by well-known German company and will be perfect training supply for your Rottweiler for many years.


  • Never leave your Rottweiler, wearing Choke Collar, without your attention, because he may accidentally hurt himself.
  • Don’t use Choke Collar on young dogs and puppies!

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