Safe Jute Cover for Bite Sleeves


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  • Model: PSC491018 Mega Strength Full Jute Cover

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Protection Jute sleeve cover for longer life of bite sleeve

Do you train your Rottweiler with a Bite Sleeve? Then this jute cover is highly recommended for you to buy! For serving longer, bite sleeve requires durable cover. This one will help to prolong the time of serving your bite sleeve. It is made of natural and strong jute material. All you should do is to put this cover on bite sleeve and begin training your Rottweiler!


Durable Rottweiler cover for bite trainingRottweiler cover of Jute
  • Rottweiler cover for training with sleeveRottweiler cover of durable material

Key features of this Jute Cover:

  • Durably stitched
  • Be-in-control handle
  • Natural jute of supreme quality
  • Strong loops for sleeve attachment

Intended use of this Jute Cover:

  • Fits perfect our protection sleeves
  • Police and military dog training
  • Fits most major brands sleeves


  • 3, 35 lb (1,52 kg)


  • Jute

Why we recommend you this Jute Cover:

It should be mentioned that working with almost all protection bite sleeves requires using a special cover. This cover is designed perfectly for protecting a bite sleeve.

It's made of the strongest Jute material that is reliable and soft. It is absolutely safe for your dog. Being highly practicable it will be of great help during training process. Besides, completely handmade equipment will always be of great demand.

This cover will provide you with the best kind of it. Order this amazing bite cover and save your bite sleeves for a years!

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