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  • Model: PS11#1018 Protection arm cover

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Dog protection hidden arm cover for Rottweiler training

Need protection arm equipment for safe training your powerful Rottweiler?

Then pay your attention to this hidden arm cover made of durable NK material. The cover is soft-padded inside and equipped with soft inside handle. We made this product absolutely safe for you and your pet. The material of this item provides you with high comfort and guarantee that it will not irritate dog's skin. The cover is made qualitatively to serve for your dog training for a long time.

leather arms protector cuff for dog training

Key features of this Rottweiler padded gauntlet:

  • Soft handle inside
  • Snug fit
  • Velcro double closure
  • Ambidextrous - fits left and right arm

Intended use of this Rottweiler padded gauntlet:

  • In kennel
  • Guard dog training
  • Protection training
  • Special units training
  • Excellent Added Protection
  • Police training

leather arms protector for schutzhund dog training, k9 training and more

This equipment can be used with the puppy sleeves for hard biting dogs. There are few things that you should remember about this bite cover:

1. Our experts crafted special usage multitask equipment for training your Dog. This is hidden bite sleeve for working with grown dogs also.

2. This equipment was created considering the standards of international dog clubs.

3. This will help you in teaching your Rotty professional dog skills and different commands, as well as developing his protection instincts.

4. This bite cover is made of the strongest NC. It is highly durable material that is totally safe for your dog's teeth and health.

5. This reliable equipment will protect you from the dog's bite. It also has this great feature to quickly return its form during training sessions.

6. For additional comfort and opportunities during training this bite sleeve cover is equipped with inside extra handle.

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