Flexible Hidden Protection Rottweiler Sleeve Made of French Linen for Dog Bite Work

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Adjustable Hidden Protective Dog Bite Sleeve for Rottweiler

If you care for your Rotty’s health and want to be protected from his teeth during bite training we have something to offer you! It is a perfect protection of your arm and good simulator making the dog take it for an object to hunt for! It is our new handmade bite sleeve designed to teach your pet be a good hunter and protector of yours! French Linen facility named dog bite sleeve is put on your arm during bite work and you maneuver every movement of your canine. It is a successful trial to deal with a well-trained dog if using this bite sleeve.

You can wear this sleeve under your clothes as it is hidden outfit, just adjust it on your arm. The hidden sleeve perfectly fits for professional training of young and adult Rottweilers. It is indispensable when building and correcting dog bite, developing his hunting skills, K9 and Schutzhund training. Experienced dog trainers have already duly appreciated the benefit of this accessory. The best manufacturers make it according to the international kennel standards so you can be sure of this canine gear’s absolute safety and usability.

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Strong Hidden Protection French Linen Rottweiler Sleeve

Strong Rottweiler Sleeve Provides Necessary Protection for the Arm

French linen material, this gear is made of, is extremely strong, wear- and tearproof, long-servicing and practical. The sleeve’s body is stitched all over for increased durability so it will not break even in strenuous dog bite training. It will be useful for many years to come. After bite work this equipment takes its initial shape as it is a characteristic of the material.

Owing to durable construction the tool cannot be bitten through so your arm will be ideally protected from the bites. Be aware that the training should be carried out in the presence of qualified dog trainers or done by him. To have this sleeve on the arm is not enough to make a pet prepared for being a perfect trainee but it is definitely essential of preparation to achieve a solution. The specialist will ensure your additional defensive training.

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Adjustable Hidden Training Bite Sleeve for Safe Dog  Training

Hidden French Linen Adjustable Dog Bite Sleeve Perfectly Fitting, Comfortable

Key features of this Hidden Protection Rottweiler Bite Sleeve:

  • Handmade and reliably stitched
  • Crafted of natural pet-friendly finest stuff
  • Inner plastic protection (optional)
  • Lightweight for better mobility
  • Fits both hands - left and right
  • High quality, extra strength, absolute safety
  • Bite protection
  • Flexible and multifunctional
  • Velcro closure
  • Absolutely comfortable

Intended use of this Bite Training Rottweiler Hidden Sleeve:

  • Young dog training
  • Adult dog training
  • K9 and schutzhund training
  • Inner part of a bite suit
  • Dog bite building
  • Professional dog training
  • Army dog training
  • Dog snap development


  • French linen

Available colors:

  • May vary

It is soft, lightweight and flexible dog outfit. It offers good mobility. You can use either of your arms for this sleeve. It is an ambidextrous piece of equipment very comfortable for both arms. Rottweiler becomes more agile and stronger if hunting for left and right arms. The tool is equipped with touch fastener for you to fix and fit it as snug and secure on your arm as possible. With Velcros you can adjust this sleeve precisely to size of your arm.

Beginner dog trainers order this sleeve with inner plastic reinforcement to prevent incidental injury during the work. The protection made of plastic bears the main weight of the bites but causes no harm for the dog's teeth. Be advised, that you need to courage your pet for his efforts, whatever they, and it is better to have a good handler on the other end of the leash during this activity.

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