Dog protection leg sleeve with hard bite bar for dog trainers


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  • Model: PS8##1018 Dog protection leg sleeve with bite bar

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All ages training bite sleeve for Rottweiler

Do you need a reliable protection for Rottweiler training? Then pay your attention to this protective sleeve for leg and got a secure item for regular safe training!

This sleeve is made of heavy French Linen, durable material that is perfect for protective items. The sleeve is designed for police dog training, guard dogs and protection workout. The sleeve is equipped with Velcro straps that are easy and quick to release. This sleeve has a strong bite bar so it is safe and durable. It is safe to develop your dog's bite skills with this equipment!

Key features of this Sleeve:

  • Anti slide nylon strap
  • Velcro closure Heavy duty bite bar Ambidextrous - fits left and right leg Control handle French linen material (like bite suit)

Intended use of this Sleeve:

  • Guard dog training
  • Police training
  • Protection training
  • Special units training

This training sleeve is manufactured of durable French Linen. So, this dog gear won't cause any allergy or irritation. French Linen is strong with high resistance allowing your dog to grip, bite and tug the gear.

This bite sleeve is guaranteed to serve for a long time.

This excellent bite leg sleeve is making a name for itself the world over for durability, quality and aesthetic design. The gear is eye catching, durable, and provides an excellent bite surface. The sleeve is ideal for different units of dog training as well as for personal protection. The sleeve is comfortable in use. For additional comfort during training sessions this bite gear is equipped with 1 control inside handle. There is also an anti slide nylon strap which doesn't allow the sleeve to slip off and helps to provide a reliable fixation during training sessions.

This Bite Builder will definitely help you in training your doggy. It helps to improve his hunting instincts and biting skills. Furthermore, this training gear is very practicable: you can wash it without any fear. It easily dries out. Take care of yourself and order this efficient leg sleeve for personal protection.

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