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  • Model: H6P##1018 Classy nylon dog harness

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Multifunctional nylon training harness specially designed for canine good development

Breaking to a harness is a critical mission of every responsible dog owner. When harnessed a dog looks differently, so to say more stately and attractive. Those familiar with this wonderful dog equipment cannot help admiring its functionality and benefit. Besides the fact that your own training efforts will be considerably reduced with usage of a harness your Rotty will succeed in education much faster than without it. This is an excellent tool for emergency rescue, tracking, hunting, tracing, pulling, walking, etc. You will get a pair of patches with this harness.

Here you can order more manually printed patches for this nylon dog harness. Choose out of popular ID patches.

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Lightweight Nylon Rottweiler Harness for Working Dogs

Reliable Nylon Dog Harness with Handle to Easily Control Your Rottweiler

As you can see this is a universal nylon harness. Its weight is ultra light, construction is handy but design is classic. When you bring your Rottweiler to a dog trainer he is sure to appreciate your correct choice of a harness. This harness is suitable not only for highly experienced dog handlers but also for beginner dog owners. Built-in convenient upper handle will help you to be in permanent control of your dog. Reflective trim sewn onto chest strap will make your dog visible under darkroom conditions. When developing this model specialists placed emphasis upon its upgraded comfort and service time. None of harnesses will of the same great use for you as this elaborated vest!

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  • Light-weight walking premium nylon dog harnessDoberman designer safety training nylon harness
  • Durable long-lasting training nylon harnessMultipurpose Rottweiler easy adjustable nylon harness

Key features of this Rottweiler Harness:

  • Top-grade select nylon
  • Excellent design
  • 2 way adjustable
  • Utmost comfort
  • Quick release buckle
  • Durable construction
  • Wide straps
  • Easy-to-use
  • Reflective front strap
  • Be in control handle
  • ID patches

Intended use of this Rottweiler Harness:

  • Walking, running, hiking
  • Obedience training
  • Emergency rescue dogs
  • Schutzhung/guard dogs
  • Safety walks
  • Pulling/tracking activities

Sizes available:

  • Extra extra small
  • Extra small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Available colors:

  • Black

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    17-21 inches (43-53 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    21-26 inches (53-67 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    25-31 inches (62-81 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    28-34 inches (70-87 cm)


  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    33-45 inches (84-115 cm)

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Extended D-Ring Cannot Be Easily Broken Because of Leash Pulling

When Matching Leash's Attached to The Ring You Can Be in Due Control of Your Pet

Advantages of the harness are worth naming right away. Without knowing them no one is able to believe in perfection of dog equipment. Reading them you will comprehend how much we care for your dog…

  1. Superior quality of the product. Only best raw materials are used by our skillful hard-working manufacturers when making dog production. This harness features a sturdy, doubly-ply neoprene nylon that is most suitable for regular wear. It is top-grade material that is absolutely safe for the dog’s health, but its profitableness is unlimited. With this harness on your dog you may bring him to any places. No matter if it rains or snows, it is possible for you not put off outdoor training or airing your sweet Rottweiler when he wears the harness. It was made in accordance with all the standards under guidance of qualified animal doctors and behaviorists. Before setting about developing single dog article we always think over all the details and fields of its application. Also, we cannot but think of the pet who is meant to wear this or that our handmade dog equipment. So, when wearing this harness your Rottweiler will stay safe and sound.
  2. Comfort when wearing. At last one may equip his dog with very comfortable nylon vest!! No more fear that your dog will suffer from awkwardly made training wear!! Let us puzzle out wherein the uniqueness of this specialized multitask dog tool lies. First of all we are well aware of exceptional comfort of a dress if it is light-weight. But this vest is ultra lightweight! We know that you are gonna involve your dog in different training occupations so we did our best to make him happy with this harness on! Soft padded vest provides better comfort. Due to great design your dog will be able to move freely as if he were unharnessed. Wide straps neither wear into the dog’s skin, nor cause skin rubbing.
  3. Easy adjustment. Slip the harness over your dog’s head and using side quick release buckle clasp or undo girth convenient strap. The other chest horizontal strap is easy adjustable and fastens towards the inside for additional security. No need for you to handle multiple odd buckles that will break before you know it. When properly fitted the harness’s does not discomfort the dog at all.

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Practical Nylon Canine Harness for Rottweilers' Work/Walk

Patch Rottweiler Harness With All The Straps Carefully Following The Body

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