Chain Gold Colored HS dog leash with leather handle


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  • Model: L101#1018 Gold-like Chain Dog Leash

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Gold colored chain Rottweiler leash

Need strong dog leash of unique design? Now we can offer you this incredibly reliable dog leash of gold-like metal chain. It has special soft leather handle. This handle makes handling a dog more comfortable. It is gentle for the handler's palms. Use it for daily walking or training your Rottweiler. The quality and long-service of leash are guaranteed.

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Exclusive Gold plated HS dog leash for Rottweiler

Strong Rottweiler chain lead with leather handle

What is so special about this Rottweiler leash:

  • High quality leather handle
  • Gold-like metal chain
  • Quick release snap hook
  • Longtime "anti-chew" solution

When this Rottweiler leash is indispensable:

  • Walking
  • Dog show

Sizes available:

  • 40 inch (100 cm)

Available colors:

  • Gold color chain and snap hook
  • Black leather handle

Check more special benefits of this chain Rottweiler leash:

1. Exclusive design is presented today. This hand crafted chain leash is equipped with soft padded handle and has beautiful look.
2. A good looking accessory for your Rottweiler will help him to stand out among other dogs. Its gold colored chain attracts much attention and admiring glances of passers-by.
3. We offer you stylish durable leash with extra soft handle which will be of great use for everyday.
4. This leash is comfortable and durable item made of high quality Herm Sprenger chain. Its practicable handle is of great use. A good-like handle is a great helper for every dog owner especially if it is made of soft genuine leather. This leash is created to be both comfy for a dog and his owner.
5. Check this durable stitching which ensures long lasting life of this gear and high durability of it. Check also reliable steel snap hook that will help to easily attach this leash to the collar or harness and release it.
6. Better controlling and handling your Rottweiler is now available: you can successfully use it for different purposes. Fancy reliable chain leash with leather handle will show off your Rottweiler the best. You will get even more advantages when you order it.

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