Double Dog Leash Coupler for Two Dogs


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  • Model: L31##1018 Round Leather Stitched Coupler

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Stitched Round Leather Coupler for Rottweiler

Have 2 dogs? Here we offer you new TWO dog Variant/Double Dog Leash Coupler for two dogs! This Handmade Leather dog coupler utilizes your existing leash and allows you to walk 2 dogs at once! The length of the item is 12 inch ( 30 cm ); the diameter- 3/8 inch ( 10 mm ). Walking 2 Rottweiler at once is a joy, unless your dog decide to run circles around you on two separate leads!

Double Dog Leash Coupler for two dogs-Rottweiler LEADS
Double Dog Leash Coupler for two dogs-Rottweiler LEADS

Key features of this Dog Leash:

  • 100% full grain latigo leather
  • Brass high quality snap hook
  • Handmade
  • 3/8 inch wide round leather
  • Hand-stitched with wax coated thread

Intended use of this Dog Leash:

  • Walking 2 dogs

Sizes available:

  • 12 inch (30 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This Leather Coupler is produced from high quality full grain genuine leather, that is super strong, durable and long-servicing. Thanks to this leather material and special stitching it can easily withstand loads during intense activity, as well as manage your dog's pulling force.

All the fittings are rust and corrosion resistant since they are made of brass. They are durable and almost unbreakable. O-ring is used for attaching to a usual long lead. Durable snap hooks allow you to attach this Coupler to your dogs' collars or harnesses.

NB! Protect leather material from water influence as it can dry out and crack after it got wet. Keep it away from fire and radiators.

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