Similar Ezy Dog Collar w/h Quick Release Buckle for Rottweiler


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  • Model: C41##1018 Nylon training collar

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Safety nylon dog collar features quick release buckle

Express your Rottweiler’s personality and your style with this amazing nylon collar. Exclusive nylon dog collar can make life of your Fido more rich and interesting. Permanent work and no play make Rottweiler dog tired, socially awkward canine. So, break those chains of boredom with this high quality dog collar! Proper dog development is possible with use of right accessories. This is handmade nylon dog collar made from superior double-ply nylon and furnished with quick release buckle. Components of the collar contain no chemical by products. Lightweight, washable, durable, water-resistant nylon is main integrant of this collar. Nylon dog collar proves to be better than any other dog collar. Unbreakable, even for large or strong dogs.

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  • Custom made nylon dog collarLow-cost Rottweiler dog nylon collar is most demandable
  • Practical nylon dog collarRottweiler breed excellent nylon buckle collar is multipurpose


Key features of this Rottweiler Dog Collar:

  • Heavy duty finest nylon
  • Resistant to weather
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Good quality construction
  • Easy to connect and release
  • Welded D-ring
  • Wide quick release duly sewn-in button
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Attractive design
  • Functional and practical
  • Long wearing

Intended use of this Rottweiler Dog Collar:

  • Handling big dogs
  • Obedience training/professional training
  • Dog walks (leash and off leash)
  • Dog education/socialization

Sizes available:

  • 1 1/2 inch ( 40 mm ) wide
  • 16-24 inch (40-60 cm)
  • 20-32 inch (50-81 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

If you do not get this nylon dog collar you are likely to miss the opportunity to know how easy and effective dog training may be if using a right exercising equipment.

We offer super quality nylon dog collar for great price. Despite the complicated work during which this dog collar was developed and select materials used for its manufacture we do not like increasing our prices like other makers do. We are proud to get in touch with you, to read your delightful feedbacks, to know that your dog is ok, etc. It is a real happiness for us. We are happy when our customers are happy with their purchase! You will never be disappointed in the materials the collar is made of! You will not have to buy other dog collar as this nylon dog collar will cope with many tasks ordered for it.

You will be no more interested in other dog collars as this nylon collar will replace even recollection about them. Even if you have tried several dog collars only this one you will find appropriate, useful and reliable. Whether you will want to go on a journey with your pet, or take him out, or bring him to vet doctor, he will take it for granted. Why not? If he feels too comfortable when wearing this collar, if the collar does not hinder him from communicating with beloved owner why should he mind having it on? The collar neither rub the skin nor irritate it as it is top quality product.

This nylon dog collar will be of use in any weather. Rainy, snowy, foggy weather or high humidity will not have any effect on the collar. It has no rusty components but the nylon is damp-proof. Your Rottweiler even may bathe and swim with the collar on. Why to lose precious time and stay at home when weather is not sunny? Your dog will grow up very quickly and you should hurry up to teach him everything he needs to know. The collar will be near to help you in dog education.

Your dog may be trained at home-the collar is fit for home training as well. It is lightweight, breathable, comfortable model and the dog will not feel hot in this collar but you at that will break him to this essential device. It is almost impossible to get tired of wearing this collar.

Extremely strong plastic easy quick release buckle is a great invention. Connecting or releasing it you will realize how convenient this adjustment system. Trim flat buckle adds elegance to the collar’s look. Locks and unlocks easily.

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Water-resistant Rottweiler nylon collar

Durable Rottweiler nylon collar

Flexible Rottweiler nylon collar

Convenient Rottweiler nylon collar

Rottweiler nylon collar with quick release buckle

Universal in use Rottweiler nylon collar

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