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  • Model: KA15#1026 Metal brush with wooden handle #2

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Durable Dog Comb With Comfy Handle

Do you need a convenient tool for combing and brushing your Rottweiler?

This Chrome Plated Comb will be your best helper if you need to brush a thick layer of your dog's fur. Keep your dog's best look! With this super brush you may clean, styling your pet's coat, or make it fluffy! Your Rottweiler will look healthy and attractive when you will care him with this Comb!

  • Styling Dog CombDog Combs for Grooming with Handles
  • Grooming dog brush with comfy wooden handleChrome plated dog brush for grooming

Key features of this Dog Comb:

  • Wooden handle
  • Sharp steel blades
  • Chrome plated teeth
  • Resistant to rust
  • Handy
  • Quite long teeth

Intended use of this Dog Comb:

  • Combing
  • Styling
  • Removing tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt
  • Good for making hair fluffy

Sizes available:

  • Total length - 5 7/10 inch (14.5 cm)
  • Width of the shaft - 4 3/10 inch (11 cm)
  • Height of the teeth - 1 3/10 (3.5 cm)
  • Distance between teeth - 2 mm

Available colors:

  • Steel shaft
  • Wooden handle

Rottweilers very often have tangles and mats. The only way to get rid of them is to comb or brush their coat. Our Chrome Plated Dog Comb with easy Handle is very convenient in use for a dog owner! It is very effective for combing tangled dogs hair.

Though the look of this comb has nothing special, its teeth are placed at a quite good distance so as to allow the comb slide easily along the hair. Thanks to the wooden handle for better grip you will be able to remove mats, tangles, dirt with minimal effort. It will also be your good helper for combing the areas with the most dense: ears, neck, back side of the upper thigh etc.

Using this dog comb your Rottweiler's coat will look healthy, shiny and neat.

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