Leather dog leash for training, walking, tracking

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  • Model: L113#1018 Leather dog leash multi functional

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New Excellent Leather Dog Leash Offers a Plenty of Capabilities

It is so kind of you to visit our online shop working especially for those being interested in productive life of their pets. It is a pleasure for us, exclusive makers of wide range of dog goods, to introduce another canine equipment of ours – Durable Leather Dog LeashMust-Have Pet Product every responsible handler provides his canine with. Online supplies of our store are tremendous – a lot of canines are happy wearers of first rate walking/training equipment. Your Rottweiler is a powerful animal who needs to be busy for many hours. His business is regular training under guidance of experienced trainer. Professional dog gear is our personal concern – we guarantee you safety and great performance of every product you choose in our boutique.

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Field Leather Dog Leash for Rottweiler

Special Hands-Free Leather Dog Leash with 3 O-Rings for Rottweiler

Besides being an excellent training lead it is also a perfect walking assistant. It is a greatest piece of equipment for those dogs that respond to touch. This is primarily working dog leash – most versatile leash to own.

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Multipurpose Rottweiler Leash Leather Stitched for Added Strength

Rottweiler Leash Multipurpose Made of Extremely Strong Leather

With a snap hook at each end and two stationary O-rings and one floating this lead can be adjusted to 4 different lengths and can also function as hands-free over-the-shoulder or waist wrap leather leash. You will hardly be disappointed with the product - it is done thoroughly by hand.

Extra strong, soft, and uniquely crafted this leather control mean is cut straight to the width and length that suits your taste – it is also beveled, rounded and hand polished to silky smoothness.

Key features of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • Latigo full grain leather
  • One floating ring
  • 2 fixed O-rings
  • 2 solid snap hooks
  • Versatility
  • Hand stitched in major locations
  • 4 adjustable lengths
  • Brass hardware
  • Wax brushed edges
  • Competitive price
  • Perfectly oiled 
  • Easy-to-use

Intended use of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • Walking
  • Training
  • Pulling work
  • Patrolling/guarding
  • Quickly tethering your canine

Sizes available:

  • 5 ft (150 cm)
  • 7 ft (210 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

You have already realized that you came across a very unusual dog merchandise – even without trying it you can understand that you are gonna have a very special canine equipment. It is no room to investigate other market outlets – you will never find even a resembling article in theirs – nobody has identical manufacturing experience as our makers do.

Are you eager to know other qualities of this multipurpose lead? Honestly, we can’t wait to set forth the facts having to do with this Unique Leather Dog Lead.

Design of this leash is elaborate. Now you will study how to use this leash according to its destination.

Be advised that it is a leash-collar.

Want to have a long leash? You should have the two snap hooks disconnected and this is the longest length. Need shorter leash? And again you are a success!! Attach one snap hook to the fixed O-ring sewn in the closest proximity to the second hook. Perfect control tool it is, very strong and reliable. If you are in a crowd of people – use short leash otherwise long leash is a solution.

Tethering a dog you can go wherever you need – this leash is ideal for this purpose! Tether your Rotty to a tree or a post and go shopping. It is easy to tether your pet by wrapping an object to tether around and hooking the snap to the floating O-ring.

Pulling activities are easiest with this leash – the 2 snap hooks should be attached to side d-rings built in any pulling harness and it needs to attach a cargo to the floating ring or be a cargo oneself.

It is an ordinary but temporary choke collar to be formed by making a loop! Just wrap your Rotty’s neck with the leash and connect one of the snap hooks to the floating O-ring – an excellent choke collar is ready!

Used by professional dog trainers and pet owners who want the best training leash in the world.

From : Julie K
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Hello Guy,
I am writing to commend you on the quality of the equipment you have again provided me! I have a working Malinois and Dogue de Bordeaux, both outfitted with your agitation harnesses. The padding has saved the fur and skin on both my dogs, and can work in them for hours! The Agitation muzzle is superbly ventilated and so suited for my climate.

Also I love your multi-purpose leads, very easy on the hands. No one believes their strength, but having a 120 pound dog hit the end hard time after time has shown the quality! I cannot find anything made in Australia that can rival your quality and price, and I recommend you to everyone I meet!

Thanks, will definitely be back for more!


Leather dog leash for training, walking, tracking for Rottweiler dog

General "Woof" leash  Tip: To make this lead high quality product we used selected leather hides

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