American Rottweiler

If you own a Rottweiler you've probably been asked (on more than one occasion), "Is your Rottweiler a German Rottweiler or American Rottweiler?" When I was first asked the question I was a bit baffled because I thought that there was only one kind of Rottweiler. Then the all knowing individual I was speaking to proceeded to explain to me that German Rotties were shorter, stockier and have a bigger blockier head, and American Rotties were taller and leggier without as blocky a head.


The American Rottweiler Verein (ARV) is an American organization similar to the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (ADRK) of Germany. Both the ADRK and the International Canine Federation (FCI) use the same internationally recognized standard describing the ideal Rottweiler. The ARV chose to adopt the January 16, 1996, FCI standard as well.

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