Anatomical structure of Rottweiler

Sense organs

A dog as any mammalian has 5 main sense organs: sight, hearing, smell, sense of touch, sense of taste. Visual organs, curiously enough, are not of paramount importance in canine life. Puppies are born blind and open their eyes approximately two weeks after drawing the first breath (usually after 12-15 days).

When puppies almost reach their month age their sight is already ok and they can see surrounding objects as distinctively as a person can, however some months later myopia (nearsightedness) develops in the dogs. It is noteworthy that the dogs are unable to appreciate colors of observed things: they see all objects as black and white and appreciate only depth of colors.

Furthermore, it is often very difficult for these animals to discern volume objects that do not move and are not so far. But in that case if a visible object bestirs the dog responds to that at once. Despite the absence of color sensation and insufficient development of stereovision, dogs have very large sight angle: it is about 250°, therefore during walk or hunt these animals can see many objects existing right and left of them.

As far as Rottweilers are concerned, so they have well-developed instincts since ancient times (that seem to have survived genetically since these dogs were used for wild animal hunting). These natural instincts witness that Rottweilers have very good vision. The Rottweiler must have dark color of the eyes (more on this later). Presence of light iris is the sign of degraded pigmentation that is an abnormality and may result in degeneration of succeeding generations.
The question at issue is that if having similar deformity, newborn puppies will suffer with different defects during further breeding and these defects are caused not only by a color of iris, but also by disorders of some important body functions. continue reading this article please click on here...

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