Anatomy of Rottweiler

Anatomy of Rottweiler

Dogs hear much better than human beings. Moreover, canine hearing ranges so much that the animal can discern supersonic waves, in this respect dog owners often use special ultrasonic whistles during training of their pets or when hunting. The constitution of dog organ of hearing is particularly different in comparison with that of man’s.  So, when drum membrane stops functioning, a man gets deaf, but a dog does not grow absolutely deaf under the same circumstances though its hearing is not the same nice as before.

Smell of Rottweilers is very good, that in turn allows a man to use these dogs for trace job successfully. In fact, sensibility of dog smell is amazing: its acuity is 100 000 times more than that of person’s.
Sense of touch is put into effect by special haptic hairs or vibrissae.  They become very essential assistants for old dogs are already blind and whose smell is very poor. Such animals are able to take their bearings everywhere owing to use of tactile organs. Besides, even a healthy and young dog applies its vibrissae successfully in order to find a way in the dark or detect some objects under darkroom conditions.

Smell is a main canine sense whereas it is secondary for a man. Smell helps dogs and other animals to look about, and working, tracker abilities depend on degree of its advance.

Some dogs are very capable to perceive unfamiliar objects by their hair in nostrils. Thus these dogs can estimate the sizes of this or that object, to understand whether it is afoot or still. Tactile organs are of great importance for a dog. The following experiment that was carried out by scientists for investigation justifies this. Tactile hairs were removed in some test dogs and from now on these dogs were under observation and their behavior was recorded in the register. Eventually, the dogs that were free of vibrissae felt helpless in many situations: such dogs were unable to take bearing in the dark, tasted inedible objects, did not recognize their congeners with which they touched for very long time before, etc.
Gustatory organs start developing from the first weeks of dog life. Still in puppyhood it is very important to habituate a puppy to certain food that enriches the organism with nutrients and does not injure health. Some owners make a big mistake accustoming puppies to dainties: sweets, slices of cake and other delights.

Organs of equilibration existing in the inner ear are directly connected with functions of the nerves and brain of a dog. Information on one or another position of dog body goes from inner ear to brain. With every following movement of a dog, the particular liquid that fills semicircular ducts of organs of equilibration start migrating and in so doing a signal of body repositioning is delivered to brain.  In return, the brain gives the command of urgent body rebalancing and the command is transferred by muscles.
Excessive amount of sweets may cause grave diseases in the dog, therefore one need provide proper, balanced nutrition from the first days of its life and all the questions connected with the animal’s feeding must be closely discussed with dog breeder or veterinarian. read this article from the beginning please click on here...
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