As far as feeding procedure of Rottweiler is concerned...

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Besides a food bowl your fosterling will need another one- water bowl. A bowl with water can be placed on the opposite side of a feeding stand or on a single stand by regulating height of water bowl in the same fashion as feeding dish. Drinking-water must be always clean and fresh, therefore it must be changed several times a day.

A water bowl should be periodically washed with warm water together with soap and soda and then carefully rinsed under a stream of flow water. This measure is necessary for removing of slimy fur formed on the walls of the bowl. Also one should care for cleanness of the food dish: it is to be washed after every Rottweiler’s feeding for avoidance of odor nuisance and malignant bacteria.

Sources of necessary elements

The main requirement specified to the diet of Rottweiler puppies (of course, the same thing concerns adult Rottweilers as well) is an obligatory availability of well-balanced amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in their food. It is also necessary to regulate the dog’s consumption of liquid. Health and lifetime of Rottweiler directly depend on the food it eats-the more various and useful food the better.

Sources of proteins

Meat and meat products, fish, milk and eggs rightly rank second to none among protein foodstuffs. Meat is one of the most desirable dainties for dog. Moreover, meat is an essential source of protein but at that raw meat contains a lot of vitamins that are necessary for normal metabolism. The food rich in proteins and vitamins enables formation of a strong healthy body, improves Rottweiler’s immune resistance and positively affects muscular development.

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