Buying of Rottweiler. Articles about Rottweiler. Part 3

What You Need to Know about Rottweiler

Choosing a Rottweiler. How to make the right choice?

Aricles about your Rottweiler

Quick Facts and Information

  • Weight: 85 - 130 pounds
  • Height: 22 - 27 inches
  • Color: Black and Tan
  • Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Rottweiler Traits

  • Compact and muscular with a short dense coat
  • Working group
  • Used by the police and military
  • A twice daily walk for around 40 - 50 minutes
  • Reliable and intelligent breed

Choosing a Rottweiler
If you are going to have Rottweiler it is necessary to remember the main thing: this dog will make a good friend, reliable assistant and excellent guardian only if Rottweiler will feel comfortable and constantly feel care and attention of its owner.
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Next steps as for choosing Rottweiler
In the first instance any dog needs thoughtful and careful attitude of its owner and all the members of the family with whom it lives together. Nature itself has deposited in Rottweilers the drive to guard a house and be responsible for safety of the owners of this house..
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Rottweiler is not a simple dog to deal with
Taking into account natural activity and temperament of Rottweiler it is easy to understand that gaps in education may make the dog ungovernable and it will bring much trouble rather than enjoyment.
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Buying of Rottweiler. How to buy
The most number of arguments arise in the family which members want to buy a Rottweiler puppy but do not know which dog seller they must turn to. Experts usually recommend buying puppies of this breed in Kennel Clubs as this provides more guarantees that Rottweiler will be thoroughbred and healthy.
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Whom to choose: Boy or Girl?
Future owner of Rottweiler, who has never had the dogs of this breed in his house before, is recommended to choose a Rottweiler-bitch. Usually, she is very accommodating during training, able to work much harder than Rottweiler-male, sooner becomes attached to its owner and less pretends to be a leader in the family of its owner.
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Rottweilers: males and females
The Rottweiler accompanying this owner is most probably to be completing this image too successfully. Indeed the appearance of Rottweiler is extremely presentable: it has big height at withers, big head and good point.
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9 Tests and final choice of necessary Rottweiler
Test # 1. Rottweiler puppy’s response to an unknown person. A testing person records results of social orientation of Rottweiler specifying such qualities as subordinate behavior or, on the contrary, self-confidence.
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Rottweiler puppy or Rottweiler adult?
As a rule, Rottweiler puppies are taken from a breeder when they are 8-10-12 weeks old. Then you can get acquainted with brief description of main characteristics of Rottweiler puppy during these age periods.
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What if buying an adult Rottweiler?
The advantage of getting of 16-18 weeks Rottweiler puppy is that breed standard characteristics of the dogs at this age are possible to identify to a closer approximation and it is much easier at this age rather than at the age of 2 months old to find out if Rottweiler is susceptible to probable development of a disease.
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First bring adult Rottweielr home
Before buying adult Rottweiler, irrespective of these or those circumstances, it is necessary to watch the dog when it is in your own flat. Previous to making final agreement on the purchase, it is recommended to bring Rottweiler home for one or two days and see after its behavior in unusual for it medium.
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