Buying Rottweiler involves heavy responsibilities

4. Difficulties while choosing Rottweiler

If you are going to have Rottweiler it is necessary to remember the main thing: this dog will make a good friend, reliable assistant and excellent guardian only if Rottweiler will feel comfortable and constantly feel care and attention of its owner.

Purchase of Rottweiler–pro et contra

Admires of dogs with exotic, unusual appearance are likely to choose Rottweiler. Actually, appearance of this sturdy but anyway well-shaped and with harmonious body animal does not have anything extravagant compelling attention at once. However Rottweiler is a powerful and respectable dog.

When being beside Rottweiler its owner will feel always more assured and quiet. Very often physically strong dog attracts those people who long to buy it in order to have a wicked and aggressive bodyguard which has always its wits about it and is ready to arduously go at all true and false offenders just only on seeing shadow of disrespect for its owner no matter if it is a glance or actions of somebody from the wider public.

People suffering from delusion of persecution or having a horror of robbing and attack in the street, at times think that Rottweiler is a dog specially bred for that goal. Probably, opinion about Rottwielers as desperate and hard-bitten fighters that has formed over centuries may play an important role as for this choice.

Nevertheless, similar point of view is wrong. It is important to understand that breed representatives of modern Rottweilers that were reared as a result of elaborate selection, do not possess immoderate aggressiveness and temerarious militancy absolutely and show bellicosity only in critical threatening situations.

In addition one should bear in mind that the owners of Rottweilers, who fanatically cherish a dream to have a wicked dog which at the least danger will act as mad lion, during training very often show violence, mercilessness and even cruelty towards their pet.

Educating Rottweiler by this way its owner is only able to spoil the nature of the dog insomuch that Rottweiler will lose all its excellent inborn abilities and turn into a wicked and snaky creature, unpredictably aggressive, almost disobedient and even dangerous for the owner himself.

Future owner of a dog must also remember that mental and physical development of Rottweiler is very slow and it is necessary to exercise maximum patience until the animal reaches its age of maturity and is able to perform the requirements imposed on tracker dogs with more responsibility.

Such dog is not likely to be able provide dependable safeguard when it is really necessary, but in fact you will have to expect this Rottweiler to present unpleasant surprises by exhaling the aggression accumulated in it and will start to provoke conflicts with surrounding people including occasional passers-by.

Besides, similar problems that are caused by incorrect training methods have respect to any dog breed but not only to Rottweilers. continue reading this article please click on here...


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