Carbohydrates and their influence on Rottweiler puppy's growth

Sources of carbohydrates and vitamins

Carbohydrates supply the energy requirements of the dog. Such foodstuffs as sugar, cellulose, starch are among the carbohydrates assimilated by Rottweiler’s body. A quantity of carbohydrates is contained in black and white bread, crackers, cereal products (wheat, buckwheat, barley, manna, oat, maize, rice grits and peeled barley) offal, honey.

Some vegetables are rich in carbohydrates: carrot, potatoes, beet, cabbage as well as fruit and berries. Day’s allowance of carbohydrates is to be 15-16 g per 1 kg of Rottweiler puppy’s body mass. Starting from 1.5 months age Rottweiler puppies are allowed to eat bread. It is recommended to feed the dog with black bread soaked in nonfat broth together with meat food.

Fresh white bread is undesirable in the diet of young dogs as it contains gluten that slows digestive process. It is best to parch white bread. When Rottweiler puppy is 2 months old you may add crackers to his meal. Different cereal products can be used for cooking of porridges for young Rottweilers.

All of them are digested in the dog’s body quite well. Semolina may be exclusion in some cases and when pet is fed with it for the first time you should eye how the puppy will feel after feeding. If there are no any symptoms indicating disorder of gastroenteric activity then it is quite allowed to include this dish in the diet of Rottweiler puppy.

Nevertheless, feeds of semolina are to be very abstinent. In order to cook porridge for Rottweiler at the age under 2 months old you should break cereal products by a mincing machine and then mix them up in hot milk, broth or boiling water.

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