Characterictics of Rottweiler's behaviour

Nature and habits of Rottweiler

Rottweilers usually have strong, stable nervous system, resistant to exogenous irritants, and that considerably facilitates work of a trainer when he teaches the dog. Nature of Rottweiler is well-balanced; the animal is friendly towards the wider public including children.

In most cases Rottweiler is able to get accustomed to its owner very quickly, respond to his commands and eagerly execute them. It is not still teeth presentation but the preparation for it is apparently in progress!

Mental and working abilities of Rottweilers have developed over centuries, this dog breed has evolved and main requirements for breed standard have been elaborated on. Therefore not only good exterior but also the highest standards of efficiency affect the further career of Rottweiler and relationship with its owner.

It is very important for the dogs of this breed to have the following characteristics which are responsible for their behavior and achievements in utility work; confidence, fearlessness, carefulness, moderation, aggressively, energy, endurance, well- developed watch qualities. Confidence of Rottweiler is correctness and precision of the dog’s actions in both familiar habitual surroundings and in unforeseen, extreme situations.

In the first instance fearlessness is the ability of the dog to keep its balance and not to show any signs of fear or nervousness in the hour of danger. Self-assertion and stamina are necessary for Rottweiler during complex situations when it is the necessity to perform the heavy lifting before it though it involves unfavorable collateral circumstances.

Carefulness is extremely important when it needs for Rottweiler to keep its mind on some object pointed at by its owner. As Rottweiler is a tracker dog then it is also very important for it to be able to perform a trace job, i.e. to find the objects indicated by its owner when following the scent. Stamina and bravery are the qualities common to Rottweilers since birth.

These temperamental attributes help the dog to come to fight with opponent determinately and counter without retreating and capitulating. In this case it is also very important for Rottweiler to have inborn fighting abilities because when exercising them the dog gets properly hardened, as well as strengthens and trains its musculature.

Rottweiler must also be able to respond to dangerous, unfavorable irritants, actions, objects, etc. shortly and hardly. Incredulity of the dog enables the development of proper reaction to unknown objects and aggressive actions, prevents Rottweiler from making excessively amicable contact with the people the dog has never met before.

This attitude towards to strangers is quite reasonable because the behavior of unfamiliar person may be dangerous for the dog and it owner in some instances. Presence of inborn watch abilities provides the ability of Rottweilers as well as other tracker dogs to guard an entrusted to the dog territory from invasion of unknown people in there, protect its owners from possible attack or other dangerous actions of strangers.

Persistence as well as endurance and stamina make Rottweilers distinct since the time of the breed evolution. Here it is meant that Rottweiler should be ready for determined, courageous actions even in complicated for it situations (when beaten, wounded and very tired). continue reading this article please click on here...


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