Deep inside the breed Rottweiler

Representation of Rottweiler how it is

Height of Rottweiler must be average or above average. Its body must be strong and compact. This dog should look enduring, string, powerful, but in no case massive awkward. Ideal Rottweiler has consistent and proportional body build. The movements of Rottweiler must be free and nimble. Overall evaluation of Rottweiler’s exterior and shape conveys the first impression about this fantastic dog.

There 5 types of the Rottweiler’s constitution: works, exhibition, work, lean and fat. Works or pedigreed body type is very fat dog with developed musculature. Rottweiler of such constitution is always cheerful; its hair is well-conditioned and smooth which has peculiar shine- in fine, all the features of excellent care and full nutrition. Exhibition dog is almost like the pedigreed one but it is just a more well-groomed.

Exterior of the dog is a complex of structural characteristics, proportion of all body parts, different deviations from the standard, developmental defaults and deficiencies, distinctive and indistinctive traits of a certain dog breed.

Rottweiler of work constitution also resembles the individual of works body build, however the layer of subcutis is thinner in such dogs, but if such dog was kept in cool premises, then its undercoat may grow more intensively. Lean constitution expects presence of protruding ribs and joints, excalation of fat layer, atrophy of musculature.

Hair of such Rottweiler is tousled and its color is pale. Fat constitution of Rottweiler is specified by excessive subdermal fatty deposits, such dog is inactive, fatigable. Lean and fat constitutions are considered abnormalities in condition of the dog’s system, it may be associated with some disease, or absence of proper care for Rottweiler or nonobservance of housing conditions for the dog.

Representatives of breed Rottweiler are distinguished by pronounced differences in body-build of males and females (sexual dimorphism). The height of Rottweilers-Bitches is much lower and their constitution is less strong, they are more agile than Rottweielrs-males. Rottweilers-males are much bigger, powerful; their withers’s outline is more distinct, their chest is wider, their head is bigger than that of bitches’.

Appearance of the Rottweiler must say about strength and smartness, courage and honor, deserts and intelligence. Altogether the Rottweiler,which nature combines uncommon strength and nobility, is an excellent pattern of fearless and courageous fighter.

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