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June, 14 2013

Your Rotty is no doubt a source of constant happiness for you and your family. Your heart starts beating faster when you watch him playing and jumping joyfully. The picture of running dog, who is the happiest critter in the whole universe just because you came home, can erase all the troubles and make you forget everything.
But let’s face the sad truth... life doesn’t consist only of pleasant moments. They say we are responsible for those we tamed. I know for sure that being a truly responsible owner you care about your Rottweiler and do everything for him to be healthy and happy. 
It’s not a secret that puppies are more sensitive to deseases than adult dogs. It’s vital to follow all necessary precautions to protect your “sweetie” from various hazards. Of course if you aren’t professional vet, it’s difficult sometimes to watch over everything. However, it may be extremely useful to know several general statements as for vaccination and dog immune system. Believe it or not but we are eager to give you as much information about your favourite breed as possible. That’s why along with various high-quality products we would like to offer you to read this article.
We do care about your dog! Starting with his comfort and up to his health and mood ;)


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Every dog has two types of immunity (immunity against infectious diseases)-inbred and acquired. An Inbred immunity is passed from mother to its posterity, but an acquired one develops after vaccination or if a dog already had some disease and therefore now its body is immune against agents of this disease. 

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Great educative facility for hard-pullers

There are many methods of getting along with such a strong dog but the most effective of them is a remote control. How to make it? It is a new-designed device which will be of help to you in many situations, including leash pulling. It is Super Useful Exerciser For Dogs-Electronic Dog-E-Walk which communicates to the dog important information.

Luxury Studded Walking Dog Harness

Amazing handmade walking leather dog harness 

Dog harness is unique comfortable dog equipment that is very useful for both dog handler and his pet. It is a necessary dog accessory most of dog trainers cannot do without when educating a thoroughbred dog. This exclusive leather harness was specially engineered to satisfy safety and quality requirements.