Evolution of the breed in the Middle Ages

Historians guess that Rottweil as an imperial Roman city was built in the southern part of Germany but its title was connected with Roman baths (bathing establishments) decorated with mosaic. This mosaic was made from red plates and that sounds as “Rott Weil” in German language. As far as it was only butchery, livestock and flour (grain) market in Rottweil , then strong, brave and clever dogs were required for cattle drive.Intentionally bred Rottweilers met these requirements excellently.

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In the Middle Ages in Europe such representatives of mastiff-like dogs as Beren Beisers and Bullenbeissers were very popular. The former much successfully participated in bear-baiting, the latter in battles with bulls. The Roman making an inroad into the territory of southern Germany stayed here for quite a long time: 3 centuries approximately. For this time a new dog breed was bred and it was called Roman dog.

But from here, from Germany, Rottweilers have been descending: as it was mentioned above, the breed formed during the Middle Ages in a small provincial town Rottweil-am-Neckar that was an important food station at that date. In the Middle Ages in Germany it was the two groups of Rottweilers. The representatives of the one were distinguished for extra big body mass and some clumsiness: massive and not very strong dogs were not suitable for lengthy travelling.

Besides, they occasionally bit cows, sheep and goats in bottom of their body that is why not only the jacket of these animals was ill-conditioned but also their meat. Obviously this was not good for the owners and therefore Rottweilers-heavyweights were used only as draft power during freight handling but also for dwelling protection of their owners from thieves and robbers.

For many years of breed existence, Rottwelier has preserved the best qualities of its nature, but harmonious body-build, strength and agility. This is the achievement of breeders from Germany- the motherland of Rottweilers. As to the representatives of the other species of the Rottweiler, so, they were more agile and intelligent, less fat; they tolerated bigger physical pressures and responded to the drivers’ commands better. Therefore these dogs came to be used as dependable assistants accompanying and guarding the herds of tame animals.

Rottweilers enjoyed endless confidence of their owners, who entrusted these dogs with guarding of their personal property. So, for example, some meat-salesmen who were great grog-hounds over and above, after striking a good bargain and getting handsome sum of money for it, as often as not feared that all this income would be spent in the nearest pub.

And here their faithful companions–Rottweilers-came to the rescue of them. A dealer going to celebrate a successful for him day in tavern, counted off certain sum of money but the remaining kept in his purse which he hung on the neck of the devoted to him dog. It was no necessity to feel nervous about safety of this money: a stranger was unlikely to ever approach Rottweiler which proved itself to be very wicked and aggressive.

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