Feeding technique provides for arrangement of a timetable

Rules and formulation of rations

Pledge of health, working capacity and well-doing of Rottweiler is an observance of all main feeding rules by its owner. Not only Rottweiler puppies just taken from a breeder need care and advertence but also adult dogs. Already from the first days of appearance in house Rottweiler puppy should habituate itself to correct food acceptance.

But what is meant by that? In the first instance regularity and certain feeding technique must be observed. Owners of Rottweiler puppy are recommended to make up a timetable according to which a fosterling will meal. It needs to mention that Rottweiler puppies must be fed regularly. Gradually your pet will get accustomed to a schedule designed for it and already be willing to feed by appointed time.

Feeding technique supposes a teaching of young Rottweiler to meal by taking food from a bowl fixed at a certain support that in turn is arranged at a special height and attached in such a way that the bowl should stay at rest and Rottweiler puppy should feel comfortable while eating from this bowl.

Such arrangement of a bowl with food is necessary for prevention of abnormalities in the dog. In fact if Rottweiler puppy systematically meals from a bowl standing on the floor, its different body parts may undergo a number of problems connected with their development and this will adversely affect positive assessment of dog exterior and, the main thing, the dog’s state of health.

Among the deformities that may appear as a result of improper feeding one may often espy round shoulders, high croup, underdeveloped metacarpi of fore limbs.

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