General Appearance

General Appearance

Ideal Rottweiler is a medium large, robust and powerful dog, black with clearly outlined rust markings. This dog is neither heavy, not light, neither on the leg, nor lympathic. Its balanced, compact and powerful constitution includes a great strength, dexterity and endurance. Male dogs are typically more massive throughout and their frame is larger and their bone is heavier that in females. The bitches are distinctively feminine, but without weakness of substance or structure.

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Size, Proportion, Substance

Male dogs are 24 inches to 27 inches. Bitches are 22 inches to 25 inches, with preferred size being mid-range for each sex. Correct proportion is of primary importance as long as the size is within the standard’s range.
Length of the body from prosternum to the rearmost projection of the rump is slightly longer than dog’s height at the withers, the most desirable of the height to the length is 9 to 10. Rottweiler is neither coarse nor shelly. Depth of chest is about 50% of the height of the dog. His muscle and bone mass must be sufficient to balance its body, giving a compact and very powerful appearance.

Grave drawbacks are: absence of proportions, undersized, oversized, reversal of sex characteristics (bitchy dogs, doggy bitches).


Head and skull are of medium length, broad between the ears. When viewed sideways the forehead’s line is moderately arched: maxillary arch and stop are well developed with strong broad upper and low jaws. Inion is grown but not very above measure.
Desirable ratio of back skull to muzzle is 3 to 2. Forehead is preferred dry; however, some wrinkling may occur when the dog is agile. Expression is honorable, alert, and self-confident. The eyes are of average size, almond-shaped, uniform dark brown. Eyelids fit the globes of the eye. The eyes are moderately deep-set, neither protruding not receding. Grave defaults are yellow color of eyes (bird of pray), eyes of different colors and size, hairless eye rim. Disqualification: Ectropion. Entropion.


Dorslim of nose is right, wide at the base, slightly tapering towards lip. The end of the muzzle is wide with well developed chin. Nose lobe is rather wide, than round, with relatively large nostrils and always of black color. The muzzle must look neither elongate, nor short in comparison with cranial area.


Ears are of average size, hanging forward with the inner edge lying tightly against the head and finishing at approximately mid – cheek; they are to be of triangle shape, widely and high-set. The fore edge of the ear tightly lying down the cheek-bone must convey impression about more broad cranial part. Serious handicaps are: improper carriage (creased, folded or held away from cheek/bone).


The lips are always black; tightly pressed; corners closed; gingivae are preferred dark. Serious defaults: Absolute lack of mouth pigment (pink mouth).
Jaws-upper and low are strong, broad.
Cheek-bones-maxillary arches are clearly developed.


Teeth are strong. Dental formula is full (42 teeth: 20 upper and 22 lower). The position of the teeth is regular. Scissor bite: lower incisors touching inside of the upper incisors. Serious defaults: Level occlusion, any missing tooth. Disqualification: Overshot, undershot (when incisors do not touch or mesh); two or more missing teeth; wry mouth.

Neck, Top line, Body

Neck is powerful, muscular and moderately long; it is slightly arched in the upper part, dry (without fat deposits, wrinkles and bracket). The corpus and back are right, strong and power. The back is firm and level, extending in a straight line from behind the withers to the croup. Lumbus is short, broad and strong. Croup is wide, of average length, slightly roundish. Neither downright, nor tapered.
Chest is spacious, broad and deep (approximately 50% of height), with well developed chest bone and flexible edges. Belly is slightly tucked up to flank. Tail has natural shape. In quiescent state tail is hanging. Tail is oblong and an extension of back.


When viewed from the front forelegs are straight and set not very close to each other. When viewed sideways forearm is downright. Shoulder blade is bent to horizontal at an angle 45 °approximately.
Shoulders repeat the body line well. Elbows are pressed to body frame.

Forearms are well developed, muscular. Metacarpus is flexible, strong, slope. Paws are roundish, compact, as if in lump; dactyls are crooked; claws are short, strong and of black color. When viewed from behind hind limbs are straight and set not very close to one another.

In quiescent stack angles between pelvis and thigh, between thigh and cnemis are blunt as well as hock angle.Thigh is moderately long, wide and well muscular. Cnemis is long, strong, broad and well muscular from the top to chordae of heel joint. Metatarsus is slightly inclined. Paws are little longer than those of fore limbs. Pads are solid, toes are strong, arched.


Characteristic allure of Rottweiler is trot. Movements are energetic and harmonious; stroke of limbs is maximal

Skin and hair:

Skin on the head is to be smooth without wrinkles. Wrinkles on the skull can appear when the dog is interested in something. Coat consists of beard hair and undercoat. Beard hair is of average length, hard, thick and lying flat. Undercoat must not be seen through beard hair. Hair of hind limbs is a little longer. Color is black with red-brown fell, which is disposed under the eyes, on cheek-bones, muzzle, throat, chest, on the limbs, under the tail.
Height and weight:

Height of males is 61-68 cm, 61-62 cm are small ones, 63-64 are average ones and 65-66 are large ones (optimal size). 67-68 are very large. Weight of males is 50 kg at the average.
Height of bitches. It ranges from 56 to 63 cm, 56 to 57 cm are small ones, 58 to 69 are average ones, 60 to 61 cm are large( optimal size), 62 to 63 cm are very large. Average weight of bitches is 42 kg. Defaults: any departures from descriptions are to be considered as handicaps.

Seriousness of indicated defaults should be regarded in proportion to their growth and according to the following succession:

General view : Lightness of constitution, ill-boned, poorly developed musculature.

Head: Type of greyhound, light, too short, too long, rough; flat forehead, insufficiently pointed foot.

Muzzle: Long, pointed, slim; dorslim of nose is bowed, inbent; nose lobe is spotty and of butterfly-type, cleft nose.

Lips: Loppy (raw), pink, spotty; pocket at the lips ‘angles

Jaws: Narrow low jaw - Cheek-bones are excessively developed

Bite: Acaroid or straight

Ears: Low-set, heavy, light, long, thrown back, standing, asymmetrical.

Eyes: Light, deep-set, arch, round, too large.

Neck: Too long, thin, insufficiently muscular, dewlap, bracket.

Corpus: Too long, too short, too narrow

Back: Too long, weak; hooped, incurved

Croup: Tapered, too short, too long, too flat

Chest: Narrow, barreled, edges are not too flexible

Tail: Too low- or too high-set

Fore limbs: Narrowly-set, crooked; straight shoulder blades; inverted elbows; too long, too short shoulders; soft, plumb metacarpi; knee sprung, too flat, disorderly paws, crooked dactyls; poachy, light claws

Hind limbs: Flat hips, narrow, “ cow” barreled posture; too blunt or too pointed angle of hock joint; declaws

Skin: Wrinkles on the head

Coat: Soft, too short, too long; waved hair, lack of underfur.

Color: Atypical color; vaguely defined, too large tans.


General view: Too frank lapse of gamic type (feminine males, doggy bitches).

Behavior: Lack of confidence, vigilance, cowardice, fear of shot, malignity, excessive incredulity, excitability

Coat: Too long or too waved hair

Color: Atypical color; white spots

NB! Males must have two normally developed testicles completely sunk into scrota.

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