Historical breed standard of Rottweiler

Requirements for Rottweiler breed standard

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All most important parameters that characteristics of this or that dog breed are added in an official document named standard. The standard of working dogs involves specifications on organization of the body, appearance, behavior and nature of the animal as well as its hereditary features. 

During all the time when pedigreed dogs of breed Rottweiler were bred the requirements for the breed standard underwent changes. Generally disagreements had respect to characteristics of body-build’ massiveness, hair color and height of the animals.
In 1921 when all dealing with breeding of these dogs united in All-German Rottweiler-club, approved the common standard according to which the height of the males was 60-68 cm, bitches-55-65 cm, but hair color was to be black with small orange-tawny tans. White spots on the belly and chest were undesirable, but they were allowed by standard rules anyway.

The final exploitation of all the requirements for Rottweiler standard was approved after Second World War was over but it was a little different from the standard of 1921. The alterations were related to only several characteristics.

At the present time throughout the world only 3 dog standards of breed Rottweiler have been used extensively: the standard of International Canine Association taking as a basis the requirements of All-German Rottweiler-Club, as well as British and American standards. Moreover, in the end of 1980s German standard was also approved.
The standard of working dogs including Rottweiler breed standard, contains all the characteristics that may specificate both advantages and disadvantages, but also drawbacks of this breed. Some deviations from the standard have an effect on the dog’s recognition as thoroughbred individual and may cause further cull of the breed as a breeder.

Due to the working standard of the Rottweiler, Germany is a native land of these animals but the assignment of the dogs is classified as “guard, utility dogs”. According to the classification approved by International Canine Association, Rottweilers fall into the second dog group comprising Swiss sheepdogs, molosses, schnauzers and pinschers.

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