Historical information about Rottweilers

Rottweilers and History

Descendants of present- day Rottweilers came into people’s prominence 4 centuries ago approximately. These brave and determined dogs performed different functions; however, their main task lay in guarding and escorting. 
Origin of Rottweiler

It is considered to be that forefathers of Rottweilers were shepherd mastiff similar dogs, of which still ancient Egyptians and Roman were aware. These dogs traced their origin from Tibetan Mastiffs resembling modern Newfoundlands in appearance. Tibetan Mastiff had black color of hair and his body size was quite big: its height at the withers was 90 cm at times, but its weight exceeded 70 kg.
Many cynologists think that Rottweiler is tracing its pedigree from Dane, which was a hunting dog in ancient times and was famous for its unusual bravery and aggressive nature. Hunters using only primitive tools at that date: spears and pikes, preferred to take a Dane along expecting to have a large bag such as boar or bear.
Modern Rottweilers also inherited fighting abilities of nature from their far forefathers.

Employment of Rottweilers by our foregoers

A number of historical sources that are preserved to the present day, witness that forefathers of modern Rottweilers had all traits that brave and invincible soldier should have. In fact, bass-reliefs of Egyptiac tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen depict the scenes in which just such dogs were engaged:  strong, assertive, wicked they stood against troops of enemy infantry no less desperately than the people who handled them.

In V-II centuries B.C. Egyptians bought dog-fighters in Babylonians, Ninevites and residents of Ur. Inside the Babylon images of the dogs resembling mastiffs in appearance were discovered, but these had their tail incurved up, and scenes of lion-hunting with such dogs were displayed there.  There are so- called Molosser dogs that were also progenitors of Rottweilers (note: adj. Molosser is derived from name of the ancient tribe Moloss) that are known since reigning of Assurbanipal who was an emperor almost 3 millenniums ago here.