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Multicolored balls, small wooden or metallic objects, pieces of soft cloth, some old unnecessary things that Rottweiler puppy may bite, bear lead, etc. are used as toys for Rottweiler’s puppies when they are contained in aviaries. A small ladder is full of decency: Rottweilers-puppies may wonderfully spend their time going up and down it and during this process they involuntarily master the letters of obstacle crossing science.

During inspection of puppy aviary one should pay attention to the location of the aviary. If it is located aloof from residential buildings, roads, garages, you should ask a breeder if there is the possibility for the puppies, which live there, to see moving transport, hear its noise.

Indeed, from now forward the Rottweiler will have to adapt to noisy atmosphere of urban streets and the dog must not be afraid of loud sounds, roar of motors that are so usual and everyday for people living in town. If there are positive opinions on housing conditions of Rottweilers in aviary, then you will still need to get comprehensive information on heredity, parents of the dog, nature and behavior of the puppy.

It is probably, in order to choose Rottweiler properly you will have to call on several dog breeders. It is not worth to taking the trouble to save the time for getting acquainted with Rottweiler’s puppies, you had better watch them more carefully because among the puppies you are likely to manage to meet a future darling of all your family members.

A breeder who eagerly gave you information on housing conditions for Rottweilers, clearly and circumstantially answered all your questions is for you and it is possible to trust him. Later on, already after choosing a puppy, if necessary, you may turn to this person for additional information, assistance in problem solving connected with peculiarities of Rottweiler bought in his Kennel.

However, even if in the following some unforeseen abnormalities will be discovered in your Rottweiler puppy (for example, symptoms of hidden disease come out) you should not accuse the breeder of incompetence: even an experienced specialist is not always capable to foresee all possible problems. It is one more advice.

It is not recommended to employ the people that promise to sell an aggressive, thoroughbred Rottweiler. The issue is that according to the approved breed standard adult Rottweilers with aggressive nature are harvested as breeders and qualified dog breeders do not use them in breeding. start reading this article from the beginning please click on here...


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