Friendship with congeners is essential for Rottweiler

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Generally, any physical pressure, especially for young Rottweilers, is to be strictly measured out. Rottweiler will be ready to go up and down the stairs on its own, as well as jump, take a hurdle, etc. as certain grounds of muscles (mainly muscles of back and hind limbs) turn to be well-developed and trained.

Therefore all the questions concerning individual physical exercises for your pet are to be discussed in detail with specialist-cynologist or dog breeder. Many dog owners concern if it is possible to air Rottweiler puppies which have not been vaccinated against infectious diseases as far; indeed, only when puppies are 2-3 months old they are obligingly vaccinated.

Many specialists incline to the opinion that one may air only months or six-week Rottweiler puppies because at this age their immunity is still too strong and they are not susceptible to outside infections (feeding with mother’s milk enables preservation of immunity from diseases but Rottweiler puppy has been weaned from mother’s milk quite recently).

Moving and playing in the open air Rottweiler puppy perfectly tempers (this is primarily training of muscles and ligaments that want for strengthening), on returning from a walk such dog has more deep and quiet sleep than the puppies that are always at home. Being of Rottweiler in the open air will also have direct influence on strengthening of its immunity in future.

Outside walks in fine sunny weather are considered to good preventive measures against rachitis that may develop in the dog. Nevertheless, when promenading unvaccinated Rottweiler dogs one should proceed with certain caution. Before vaccinating one should air Rottweiler puppies where older dogs are not seen walking because they can be potential carrying agents.

But if unforeseen situation arises anyway, i.e. adult dog will approach Rottweiler puppy you should not panic: the best protection from outside attacks is a peculiar smell that Rottweiler puppies are known to have when they are less than 2 months old.

However, in this case it is not recommended to stay in company of unknown dogs and push Rottweiler puppy’s luck: one should try to take the puppy to safe place as soon as possible or be back with it home because aggressive dogs behave incalculably and then the pet won’t avoid being bitten.

Friendship with congeners is a valuable acquisition for Rottweilers; the dogs of this breed are able to pull together and often collectively participate in guard and trace work. After vaccination one may easily allow Rottweiler puppy to contact with other dogs as this will be very useful for it. Indeed, in this case if the pet avoids meeting with compatriots for long time then it will rather become fearful and underconfident in future.

Nevertheless, communication must be pleasant and therefore it is recommended to introduce the puppy only to its contemporaries because adult dogs may treat the baby quite disaffectedly but similar unequal combats are too undesirable. It needs to establish contacts with neighbors dogs gradually but to do it as soon as possible.

Getting accustomed to each other the dogs are likely to make friends and start playing and running about together. During first several weeks of being at home Rottweiler puppy already becomes very attached to its owner and survives separation with him with difficulty. Nevertheless, it is necessary to teach the baby to understand that when its owner goes to work or is out because of some businesses it will have to stay alone at home.

But if the separation is not long and lasts for several hours only, Rottweilers usually get used quickly that their owner is absent. However, when it is the necessity to go on secondment or be away on holiday one may face the more serious problem: as a rule Rottweiler dog is sick for its owner very much when he is absent for long time.

Dog owner should prepare small plastic or metallic label for his dog on the chance if the dog gets lost. Even if he is absolutely sure that his supervision over his Rottweiler is excellent this precautionary measure is too necessary. The label that will be attached to a dog’s collar one should write address and directory number of its owner.

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