Two types of immunodefence of dog Rottweiler

Vaccination of Rottweilers

Every dog has two types of immunity (immunity against infectious diseases)-inbred and acquired. An Inbred immunity is passed from mother to its posterity, but an acquired one develops after vaccination or if a dog already had some disease and therefore now its body is immune against agents of this disease.

Dog owners should know that vaccination is just temporary protection from infection and it is active only during 1 year. Genetous immunity inherited by Rottweiler puppy from its mother, as already was mentioned before, is preserved until the puppy is 2-2.5 months old. Then its medical effect ends up and young Rottweiler is vaccinated against infectious diseases for the first time.

As for the following vaccinations you need to consult an experienced veterinarian. He will prescribe your dog individual vaccination schedule. Vaccination against a number of most dangerous dog diseases (distemper, hepatitis, rabies, canicola fever, viral enteritis) is necessary once a year at least. Incubation (hidden) period of majority of infectious diseases usually lasts for 2 weeks.

During all this duration before vaccination you should exercise caution when walking with Rottweiler: avoid contacting with other dogs and cats, strangers willing to pat your pet or treat it with some dainty, etc. It needs to remember that 14-15 days period previous to vaccination-it is a singular quarantine for Rottweiler puppy and one must closely protect the dog from unfavorable influence of nearby environment, mental tension, fright during this period.

It is not recommended to walk with Rottweiler dog in rainy, windy or cold weather; during winter if it is insufficiently warm temperature in your flat it needs to place a bed warmer on the dog’s rug–a bottle filled with warm water and wrapped in a piece of woolen cloth. Vaccination may not be made during illness of Rottweiler puppy.

If the dog has just had some disease then you will have to hold over a vaccination as well. It is forbidden to inoculate Rottweilers when their milk teeth are replaced with permanent ones. On the morrow of vaccination you may resume regular walks with Rottweiler puppy again however in cold season or provided that your pet should contact with adult dogs in the yard you should extend quarantine period a little bit.

If such symptoms as profuse salivary discharge, diarrhea, nasal discharge, general weakness, apathy, deadness to surrounding environment are observed in Rottweiler puppy it needs to have a vet examine the dog immediately. Signs of probable serious disease are impermissible to ignore because it is a lot of most dangerous dog infectious of which they may die.


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