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Such feature of Rottweiler puppy as self-dependence can be easily identified by means of the following movement. You should take for example a circinate newspaper or a magazine or a stick and knock on the floor of an enclosure.

If puppy shows keen interest in the sounds unknown for it (in that case it may run up and attempt to nose a stick or a newspaper or even to bark), then this means that this puppy is too smart and independent therefore you may decide in favor of it. But if chosen puppy tries to pull off the object, thrown to the ground, to its place in the enclosure this also will argue for this puppy and do not hesitate to choose it.

If Rottweiler puppy is too brave and independent, it will show certain aggression in response to loud finger snap or handclap. Let us assume that somebody of the dwellers of a Kennel has already taken your fancy; then you need to go on keeping a close eye on this puppy when it plays with other puppies and pay attention to the feeding process itself and how the baby behaves in this period.

If good opinion on this Rottweiler puppy proves true you may buy the dog from a breeder undoubtedly. Independence and bravery are behavioral qualities that must be considered during examination of Rottweiler puppies provided that you to raise a true guard or a tracker dog. People who want to raise a wonderful guardian and bodyguard often prefer to buy more stubborn puppies.

Such a choice is quite reasonable: though in this case you will have to spend much time and extra efforts, indeed, the end justifies the means. However, some good guard abilities are also common to obedient balanced puppies; moreover, they turn to be easier trainable and less devoted to their owners.

It is recommended to throw over the purchase of fearful, timid, wild puppies, because it is quite doubtful, that similar individuals will turn out to be excellent listening dogs or be able to come through with flying colors in dog shows. Nevertheless there are happenings when such dogs showed good results in competitions demonstrating their mental and physical abilities to the full.

But if you want to bring up a dependable guardian in future then it is very important to educate and train your Rottweiler in professional manner. However, it also needs to consider the presence of such qualities as persistence, fearlessness, firmness and independence in Rottweiler puppy.

In fact such dog will have to offer strong resistance to a dangerous opponent, overcome high psychologistic pressing and maintain self-confidence even under unforeseen complicated circumstances. Excellent abilities to be a dog-guardian are considerably due to inheritance and, emphatically, attitude of its owner during its accommodation to new living conditions.

Keeping Rottweiler puppy isolated from other dogs adversely affects character training of future tracker dog. Highly experienced cynologists and trainers usually recommend future owners of Rottweilers to apply testing to puppies when choosing a dog. This testing will be able to help to determine the nature and behavior of the dogs more precisely. continue reading this article please click on here...


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