More merits of the Breed

Development of the breed and service dog clubs

Due to the fact that owners of Rottweilers were often meat-salesmen, this breed was named a butcher’s dog. In its historic native land Rottweiler is also known as “Rottweiler’s dog of a butcher” (in German-“Rottweiler-Metz-Gerhund”). The city Rottenburg bears a direct relation to the origin and development of this breed and its location is in Germany.

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Here Rottweilers were very popular among dog breeders not less than in Rottweil and the main conformation of this is the ancient emblem coming down to our time and depicting the figurines of bull and already well-known butcher’s dog.

Before XX century Rottweilers were mainly popular in their home country- in Germany but many other European counties did not almost hear about this breed. Unquestionable advantages of Rottweilers as guard dogs were appreciated according to merit in 1910: The first German union considered the police dogs to be the best.

Already in 1930 s not only residents of Germany but also their neighbors-the Austrians and the Swiss began buying the puppies of the Rottweiler. Approximately at this period Rottweiler was brought from USA and the breed immediately gained the popularity and recognition of New World’s inhabitants.

After violent XX century with its impetuous development of scientific-and-technological advance, the dogs used for cattle drive became unnecessary already: the cattle were transported by rail but later by car. Therefore breeding of Rottweilers was gradually losing their previous significance, and these animals, unlikely for many fanciers of the breed, began degenerating.

Nevertheless, the breed was preserved thanks to the efforts of German cynologists. A very curious story had played the important role in renewal of interest in Rottweilers. This story happened in city Hamburg in the beginning of the past century.

A whole posse inhabitants walking along the one of urban streets were on the spot of extremely sensational and arresting the attention of passers-by event. Some of disguised with drink sailors had broiled before the public very eyes. The passions ran high: the sailors evidently did not want to settle the problems amicably and the policeman, who happened to be near , had to turn to the assistance of Rottweiler.

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