No hot or cold foodstuffs for Rottweiler puppy!

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One should also turn attention to the fore limbs: they must be erect and parallel to each other. But the hind limbs must be disposed so that the tilt angle of the hocks should be approximately 90°.

Stand for feeding Rottweiler puppy

Correct standing position develops in the dog gradually; the skills gained by Rottweiler should be obligingly rewarded because it enables them to solidify.

Owner’s praise consists in the following: on the morrow of meal the dog gets a piece of favorite food as a supplementary feeding. In this case the pet will be aware that all its actions were correct and next time it will need to do the same but approval of its actions by its owner is directly connected with getting of dainty.
Plastic bowl for food intake

Feeding Rottweiler with hot or too cold food may cause development of such serious diseases as gastritis. It may proceed slowly, at times without pronounced symptoms and as the result the dog may die. Therefore you should feed your pet only with warm food. You should also pay particular attention to the temperature of the food given to Rottweiler.

It is imperative that dog food should be neither too hot nor too cold. Its temperature may be checked if sinking your fingers into the bowl. If the food turns to be a little warm by the feel it means that it is quite suitable for feeding of the dog.

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