Ownership of Rottweiler involves some responsibilities

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October 14, 2013

I believe that your Rotty is very kind both to other pets and people as well as occasional passers-by when he is walking calmly in the street. However, you probably have noticed that some people very often are scared of your dog, just because he is massive and looks concentrated, that is sometimes unfortunately misunderstood as aggressive.

Indeed, it’s a huge responsibility to be an owner of Rottweiler. When you bring puppy to your house you receive so called “white list of paper” and it’s depends upon you very much what character and personality will your puppy gain. Will he become super kind or aggressive, will he love you endlessly or be terrified when you come close.

We don’t want you to worry ;) In fact, usually it doesn’t take much efforts and time to raise obedient and kind, however protective Rottweiler. However, it takes patience. The article below will be interesting for you as it highlights several important thoughts to think over.

Have a nice day and good luck =)

If you are going to have Rottweiler it is necessary to remember the main thing: this dog will make a good friend, reliable assistant and excellent guardian only if Rottweiler will feel comfortable and constantly feel care and attention of its owner. Admires of dogs with exotic, unusual appearance are likely to choose Rottweiler. Actually, appearance of this sturdy but anyway well-shaped and with harmonious body animal does not have anything extravagant compelling attention at once. However Rottweiler is a powerful and respectable dog. 
This universal dog harness is suitable for different sides of Rottweiler’s life. No matter if you involve him in weight pulling competitions, or heavy frightening, sledding, skiing, skijoring or just total body conditioning; also you may air your dog with the harness on whenever you need and your dog will not nurse a grievance against you. Why? The reason is finest quality of the product multiplied by its numerous best advantages common to highly professional training harness. 
There are many methods of getting along with such a strong dog but the most effective of them is a remote control. How to make it? It is a new-designed device which will be of help to you in many situations, including leash pulling. It is Super Useful Exerciser For Dogs-Electronic Dog-E-Walk which communicates to the dog important information. On hearing the sound your dog will forget how to pull on the leash.