Parts of Rottweiler


Coupling is disposed between front and hind parts of corpora. Coupling of Rottweiler delivers impulse from hind limbs to fore body of the dog. At that movement of the coupling resembles spring impulse moving forward Rottweiler’s corpus. Ideally, coupling of Rottweiler must be powerful, wide and deep.


Canine croup is formed by two haunch bones framing pelvic girdle and lumbosacral spine. Haunch bones are inclined to horizontal plane and a little sloped backward. Outlines of Rottweiler’s curple have round shape (that is necessarily considered in the standard). According to disposition of the haunch bones and tail base, the curple of Rottweiler happens to sloping or upstanding.

Both of these manifestations are aberrations. Set of hind limbs is also very important during evaluation of Rottweiler’s exterior. Inclination of haunch bones towards the rump has significant effect on such set. If this inclination is too small then extension of hind limbs also known as outright back may develop in Rottweiler. If on the contrary, inclination is too big then in this case the features of canted croup emerge distinctively in the dog.

а – standard;
б – sloping;
в – upstanding


According to the standard Rottweiler’s tail is to be short and very strong.
very high and very low set of the tail. Highly set tail as a rule is observed with flat rump and at rectification of stifle. When tail is low-set, croup of Rottweiler is usually sloping. After cropping the tail, it must be 1-2 vertebrae left.

Set of the tail: а – high; б – low

Chest and belly

Corpus of Rottweiler includes 2 parts: chest and abdominal cavity which is protected from above from external mechanical actions of lumbar vertebrae. Chest contains heart, respiratory apparatus, blood-vessels that are of great importance for life activity of all the body. Ribs adjoin dorsal vertebrae. Size of rib curve directly affects the width of Rottweiler’s chest.

If curve of the ribs is not big (they are almost flat), then chest appears to be underdeveloped, narrow, but internals (heart and lungs)–weak. In this case front limbs of the dog will be considered atypical: they are noted for very narrow set, but the paws are separated at that.

Excessive curvature of ribs involves wrong formation of Rottweiler’s chest (domed chest). In addition, position of forearms appears to be very wide, the elbows appear to be turned out; talipes with indrawn paws starts to develop.

Rottweilers with not very wide or domed chest are improper for pedigree breeding because chest breadth is one of the hereditary features. continue reading this article please click on here...


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