Purchasing Puppies. Articles about Rottweiler. Part 4

What You Need to Know about Rottweiler

Everything you need to know about purchasing Puppies

Aricles about your Rottweiler

Quick Facts and Information

  • Weight: 85 - 130 pounds
  • Height: 22 - 27 inches
  • Color: Black and Tan
  • Life Expectancy: 10 – 12 years

Rottweiler Traits

  • Compact and muscular with a short dense coat
  • Working group
  • Used by the police and military
  • A twice daily walk for around 40 - 50 minutes
  • Reliable and intelligent breed

Transportation & Adaptation of Rottweiler puppy
Transportation of Rottweiler to house is not an easy task and in that case one needs to bear in mind some peculiarities of animal transportation.
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Creating of safe housing conditions for puppy
Primarily one should provide conditions for Rottweiler puppy to have quiet, deep sleep; the room where the puppy will live must be light, dry and crowed with furniture.
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Requirements for bed and toys of puppy
There some words as for sleeping place for Rottweiler puppy how it is to be arranged. A rug for puppy may be prepared from several layers of compact but not piled cloth or tarpaulin.
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Puppy must learn to ease nature outside
It is not recommended to bring outside Rottweiler puppies at the age less than 2 months old immediately after their feeding.
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Friendship with congeners is essential for Rotty
Rottweiler will be ready to go up and down the stairs on its own, as well as jump, take a hurdle, etc. as certain grounds of muscles (mainly muscles of back and hind limbs) turn to be well-developed and trained.
Rottweiler puppy is easily trainable due to own smartness - READ MORE!

Prophylactic immunization of Rottweiler puppy
Dog owners should know that vaccination is just temporary protection from infection and it is active only during 1 year. Genetous immunity inherited by Rottweiler puppy from its mother, as already was mentioned before, is preserved until the puppy is 2-2.5 months old.
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Second dentition in Rottweiler puppies
When Rottweiler puppy is approximately 3 months old its milk teeth are gradually replaced by permanent ones. During this period the day’s routine it needs to provide regimen of moderation for the puppy as its health may decline..
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Address only to a professional dog breeder!
It is probably, in order to choose Rottweiler properly you will have to call on several dog breeders.
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Appearance and nature of Rottweiler puppy
When choosing Rottweiler puppy you should consider that hair of Rottweiler’s puppies tends to whiten after first shedding but if an infant puppy has whitish tan then its hair will more whitish in future.
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How to define if puppy is up to the dog standard
When buying Rottweiler puppy you also need to examine its ears. Normally, when the dog is viewed from the front the length of its ears is to be up to the middle of the cheeks and they must have triangular shape.
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Tests for Rottweiler puppies.
If during testing Rottweiler puppy did not show any signs of uncertainty, fear susceptibility, nervous excitation, abjection or apathy, as well as did not get to respond to the actions by irrepressible, hysterical barking then the results of testing may be considered quite satisfactory.
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Where and when to take Rottweiler puppy home?
A puppy taken from a breeder in spring gets possibility to go for a walk during the time when first green grass comes into being and a lot of sunny days are available.
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