Requirements to feeding of Rottweiler puppy

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So, feeding of Rottweiler puppy must be in the following manner. A bowl with food is fixed at vertical stand with firm leg and the bowl is to be at the level of Rottweiler puppy’s chest or a little above. Then it will be too convenient for it to sink its snout there and at that it won’t droop it head too much and its back will stay erect.

The bowl is inserted into metallic hoop that corresponds in diameter to it and fixed by a ring or the stand’s fastening. The support must be too wide and settled in order that pet should not turn all this construction over during meals. As Rottweiler puppy grows one may place a bowl with its food at higher position.

The bowl which will be used for feeding Rottweiler puppy must be ceramic, aluminum or enameled; it should not have any defects, dents and abruptness for the avoidance of cuts. As a rule, the volume of puppyish bowl is small: approximately 0,5 liter of liquid or 350 g of dry food find room in it.

In order that Rottweiler’s paws should not slide over floor surface, it needs to underlie a piece of close texture or a small rug. During food acceptance Rottweiler must learn to hold fix correct standing position of its body. Dog owner should pay attention to the position of Rottweiler’s corpus and limbs when the dog is beside a bowl with food.

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