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Taking into account natural activity and temperament of Rottweiler it is easy to understand that gaps in education may make the dog ungovernable and it will bring much trouble rather than enjoyment. Therefore, debating pro et contra in mind before choosing Rottweiler, you had better think over once again how engaged you are in other businesses throughout the day and whether you will see way to contribute as much time to a four-footed friend as it will be needed for its full management and education.

There are still a lot of other very serious questions in front of future Rottweiler’s owner and replies to them will finally affect the choice of a dog. So, before making the decision on taking a four-footed pet into care and accept it as a new family member you will have to discuss with your relatives the following. In the first instance it must be certain housing conditions in a flat or house to keep the dog in a proper way and without much difficulty.

Furthermore, it needs to consider that bringing Rottweiler home may involve considerable alterations in interior of the flat especially if it is not very spacious, but since that moment it will be less clean and orderly. The dog needless to say will leave flocks everywhere and you are likely to have to houseclean more often and more meticulously than before.

Bringing Rottweiler from a walk its owner will have to take care of cleanness of the dog’s paws if he of course cares for the exterior of a sofa, armchairs and carpet. In the second place, if there is a suitable place in the yard or its nearest suburbs for regular walks with a pet. It is rather common that dog walking is forbidden in the districts surrounding the house and this afterwards may produce many problems for the owner.

Before making a final decision on purchase of a puppy, it is necessary to discuss all pro and contra in detail with your family members. One must consider the opinions and wishes of the household because Rottweiler is going to become the one of family members.

In the third place, you need to see how to behave if it will be the necessity to leave the house par example to go on holiday or on business. Will it be possible to trust the management of the animal to someone from your close relatives, dependable acquaintances?

Is there, in your community, a home for animals where it is the possibility to keep a dog for some time if anybody among your relatives, friends and neighbors does not happen to care for the dog during the owner’s absence? The fourth, some people (both grown-ups and children) happen to suffer from pet hairs allergy.

If someone of family members suffers from such allergy then you will have to give up all thought of purchasing a dog. Otherwise its living in a flat will turn into daily torture for the sick person. Fifthly, management of Rottweiler in the house will involve large financial expenses.

Cost of feeding and particular inventory, payment for veterinary service may spill over into very big expenditure, the more so if it is a working dog. Therefore, when going to have a Rottweiler it is very important to size up the possibilities of own family budget. One ought to bear in mind that when making the decision on buying of a dog, one must distinctly realize that dog owner takes all the responsibility for health and life of Rottweiler.

And therefore it is recommended to set immediately about the choice of a puppy if and only if you are absolutely sure that you are capable to provide all necessary housing conditions for Rottweiler as well as sufficient amount of spare time for training and education. start reading this article from the beginning please click on here...


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