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K-9 Senga – Scotland(Badge On My Collar)

The rocky mountain contour laced with patches of highland grass has changed little since the Roman defeat of the native Caledonians in 83 A.D., and even today, the rugged topography presents a challenge for modern-day police to patrol. The local police jurisdiction is also responsible for an area called the Royal Deeside where Queen Elizabeth and her royal family stay when they return to enjoy the beauty of Scotland.

Chest-deep in water, Victoria shouted to the man to let Senga go, but he could not hear her. Fighting the strong incoming tide, Victoria swam under the bridge and came out the other side, but she was dressed in full police uniform and wore two large heavy boots that impeded her progress. The river was quite deep in parts, and the weight of her full body armor made it impossible to swim out to her dog. She fought to keep her head and shoulders above water in the swift tide and finally found a large stone in the river bed to stand upon, but that was as far as she dared go.