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The Rottweiler accompanying this owner is most probably to be completing this image too successfully. Indeed the appearance of Rottweiler is extremely presentable: it has big height at withers, big head and good point. Many owners of Rottweilers (both of males’ and females’) are content with their pets.

They think that correct education but not sex of the dog is extremely important for its good adaptation in human family. However the owners of Rottweilers-males should take into account that the male is prone to vagrancy redoubling when it is possible for him to visit the bitch that is on heat at this particular moment. .

But generally all future owners of both Rottweilers-males and Rottweilers-females should understand the following: allowing the dog to tramp the owners do great harm to the dog’s education and neglect the observance of its housing conditions.

One of the characteristic of Rottweiler-male’s nature, that is quite disapproved by the wider public, is its eager tendency to smell at all unusual things that are slightly different than objects but also mark the objects that have aroused the dog’s interest by their exterior or smack.

Nevertheless the habit of raising the leg where only possible, that is observed not only in Rottweiler breed but also in other dog breeds, can be eliminated during proper training and education of the dog. Generally the owners of both males and females are usually afraid of possible conflicts between their pets and the conflicts may happen during walks with the dogs especially when meeting homosexual individuals of Rottweiler.

However, similar intransigence among homosexual dogs is not so much due the inheritance as the result of insufficiently proper education. It is also worth mentioning that the gripe session between two Rottweilers-bitches (if the conflict has happened all the same) will be more violent than a quarrel between Rottweilers-males.

Sum up, it may be said that a correct approach to education and management of both Rottweilers-males and Rottweilers-females will save plenty of troubles and difficulties connected with physiological peculiarities of the animals. start reading this article from the beginning please click on here...


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