Purpose of keeping the rottweiler is the creation of a harmonious, healthy and highly satisfying the race features dog-attendant, sports and dog to work with the highest physical characteristic and productivity. The aim of the owner must be not only to increase the number of race, but to maintain and strengthen the form and substance of broad-based.

Things You Should Know:
Before you consider a Rottweiler, be prepared for its massive size and challenging temperament. Rottweilers appreciate a confident handler who can show them who’s in charge. Some may test your authority, so stay on top of their training and obedience. They respond to commands and are eager to please.

Coming from a long line of herders, Rottweilers also appreciate stimulating tasks and activities. Keep them busy with agility and obedience games. But remember to always keep them on a leash in public, as they can be slightly confrontational with other dogs.

If you have been reading the news over the last couple of days, you can’t have escaped the two stories about young children bitten by Rottweilers.  In the most recent case the two-year-old boy suffered serious injuries, although he is expected to make a good recovery.  The five-month-old girl who was mauled to death by two Rottweiler dogs at the weekend clearly wasn’t so lucky.

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