The importance of slaughter animals' blood for puppyish health

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During any dog’s lifetime meat is the main component of its diet. The puppies at the age under 10 weeks should eat refined meat. For that it needs to take a large piece of nonfat meat and strip off it certain amount with a knife then immediately feed the dog with it for the avoidance of meat skinning.

Also raw feed as well as boiled rabbit meat and chicken meat (without bones) are used for feeding Rottweiler puppies. Minced meat should be also included in the puppy’s diet, however, it is not ingested the same well as raw scraped meat but partly stored in the body, therefore it is better to restrict its consumption.

At the age of 5-6 months old Rottweiler puppy may also eat by-products during meal, but when it is 2-3 months old blood of slaughter animals may be added to the puppy’s dies as well. The latter is considered to be a very useful product as it contains more than 20 % of proteins that are wonderfully ingested in the body.

Besides, blood of farmer slaughter animals is rich in amino and accordingly this peculiarity makes it belong to the category of full nutritious products. It is preferable to feed Rottweiler puppies with meat food regularly dividing day’s allowance for 2-3 times. If the blood is fresh, i.e. got in the first several hours after slaughtering of the animals, then it is possible to feed the puppies with it in the rough. Over and above, such blood is antimicrobial.

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