What toy will your Rottweiler like?

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September 30, 2013

Rottweilers adore toys. The statement especially concerns puppies, who can play the whole day with their balls, stuffed animals, artificial bones and other toys. If your dog lives in the house, he probably keeps all his toys on his place. The rug is a favourite place for many Rottweilers. It’s like their own little “safe world” where they feel protected and calm.


Purchase of dog toys is a good way out to safe your furniture or shoes from dog’s teeth. In case the dog likes shoes, he will likely be happy with new rubber ball. If you’ve noticed that your Rottweiler likes wooden things, you may even get him a real stick ;) We are sure, that you are eager to do everything for the pet to be happy, so please keep an eye over your dog and get him kind of toy he really needs. Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk. However, they can make a hint ;)


What are requirements to the dog rug and dog toys? What else should be mentioned concerning first months of puppy’s presence in your house? When reading the article below you will find the answers.


Requirements for bed and toys of Rottweiler puppy

There some words as for sleeping place for Rottweiler puppy how it is to be arranged. A rug for puppy may be prepared from several layers of compact but not piled cloth or tarpaulin. In order to prevent rug from sliding over the floor one should fasten thin wooden lathes on its inner side. The rug must not be too small: its optimum size is 60-70 cm or 70-100cm. If you plan to change a rug in future then in no case you should change its location. It may lead to troubles during education of Rottweiler for necessary commands. So, when performing the command “Place!” such Rottweiler puppy will turn to be totally disoriented in space and it will take a lot of efforts for it to get accustomed to new location of sleeping rug. 
Powerful Rottweiler of yours is ready for walk if his collar looks like this Amazing Collar! In fact, dog accessories are not less important for canines than ours, people’s ones for us. Teach your Rotty to obey you when walking him at the same time boasting his fashionable appearance! Dress-conscious Rottweiler is a pride of his owner!
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