Which food products are sources of fats necessary for Rottweiler

Sources of fats

Ultimate nutrition of Rottweiler puppy provides for obligatory involvement of both vegetable and animal fats in the dog’s diet. Deficit of fats in the diet of young Rottweiler may lead to the quite undesirable consequences: retarded growth and development, various skin diseases, avitaminosis, coat depigmentation.

When consumption of fats is overmuch fatty degeneration may develop in the dog and this often involves cardiovascular diseases. However, surplus of fats accumulated in the dog’s body is harmful for its health. Supersaturation with greasy food may cause disorder of some vital body functions and as a consequence Rottweiler becomes lazy, apathic.

Such food products as goat and cow milk, sour cream, dairy butter are essential sources of animal fats.These products are rich in Vitamin A as well as the number of other substances that are useful for growing body of Rottweiler: choline, tocopherol, phosphatides.

Animal fats are contained in seed-oil. Seed-oil contains poly-saturated fatty acids and vitamin E, i.e. vital components but animal and milk fats contain much less of these components. Presence of poly-saturated fatty acids enables fast growth of Rottweiler puppy and along with immune system reinforcement , strengthening of thin walls of blood vessels, activation of metabolic process.

Fats are necessary for Rottweiler puppies. Day’s allowance of fat consumption for Rottweiler at the age under 1 year old is to be 2.6-2.7 per 1 kg of its body mass. During feeding of Rottweiler it is possible to add butter, vegetable oil or beef lard to soup and porridges cooked without milk.

If hair of your Rottweiler is shiny and attractive it means that you pet gets necessary amount of fats. Smooth, even and with bright play of colors hair speaks for right amount of vitamin E in the dog’s body.


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