Dog Hidden Protection Bite Sleeve Made of Jute

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  • Model: PS12#1018 Jute Bite Hidden Sleeve

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Hidden Protection Training Bite Sleeve with Velcro Ability

Dog bite sleeve is always a correct choice. Handcrafted Jute Bite Training Sleeve is introduced on this page. This is a perfect instrument for exercising young and adult canines.
It`s made by experienced manufacturers strictly in accordance with the international cynological standards and owing to the requirements and expectations of professional dog trainers and handlers. This protection sleeve is an indispensable part of dog bite training; the equipment will help you to develop bite skills and hunting instincts in your dog. Our family workshop is the place where most demandable dog goods have been designed for a number of years. Our training sleeves are known worldwide for their quality and reliability.

Customers wanting to train their pets properly are certain to appreciate the service of this gear. The hidden sleeve is constructed of strong jute material. This material is commonly used to work with sporting dogs and service K9's.

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  • Rottweiler bite dog sleeve hidden protectionRottweiler bite training is a success with hidden jute sleeve
  • Adjustable Rottweiler dog bite sleeveDog jute bite sleeve can be worn on right or left arm

Key features of this Protection Rottweiler Bite Sleeve:

  • Highest quality custom product
  • Velcro ability
  • Mega strong
  • Perfect design
  • Hand crafted
  • Easy adjustable
  • Lightweight for better mobility
  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Already tested and approved by professional trainers in many countries

Intended use of this Hidden Rottweiler Bite Sleeve:

  • Personal protection training
  • Police, Schutzhund, military training
  • Working with sporting dogs
  • Other bite sleeve work

Material used:

  • Tightly woven jute

Available colors:

  • May vary

If you own this bite sleeve you are likely to be very content with this purchase:

Non-toxic and safe materials are used for production of this dog gear. Neither you, nor your pet runs the risk of getting intoxicated by the components. Our canine equipment has been tested by majority of dog handlers for years. This is soft but at the same time durable protective sleeve that quickly reshapes after the bites. Absolutely harmless for the teeth of a biter.

Easy adjustable with Velcros. Velcros provide reliable fixation of the item. The article is meant for both arms – left and right. Make your pet chase either arm of yours. As usual, young dogs are too active and they need to spend their energy. When engaged in bite work these become less aggressive but satisfied with their lives. Due to light weight of the item you can build your dog’s bite for hours (if dog trainers recommend to).

By the way, bite sleeve is professional equipment used for some kinds of dog training, such as bite training, protection dog training, guard dog training, K9 and police dog training. And if you are a novice in dog training, you can get hurt if using this sleeve improperly. It is better to train a dog under guidance of professional trainers till you know how to correctly use the tool.

The sleeve offers good mobility. Without any efforts your arm will be positioned at appropriate angle. The gear is destined to follow contours of your arm. This gear should be worn under garments since it is hidden ammunition. There is the sleeve with interior plastic reinforcement and without it. It is up to you to decide which to choose. The reinforcement creates additional protection against bites. In most cases, professional trainers don't use reinforced bite sleeves but beginner ones do.

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