Head of Rottweiler

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The regular shape of Rottweiler’s head must resemble a triangle with equal sides and blunt angles (when viewed in front and from above). When viewing the head sideways it needs to pay attention to lower and upper line of it. The upper line consists of two lines: the line of frontal part and muzzle line. Normally these lines are parallel to each other. Rottweiler’s muzzle is the framework of both jaws and surrounding soft parts.

There is a transition curve from forehead to muzzle which marks off Rottweiler’s skull from its muzzle. Such shape of Rottweiler's cranial part results from the structure of occipital bone as well as frontal, bregmatic and jugal bones. Due to that anatomical peculiarities Rottweiler’s head may have slim shape, extended or pointless cheek-bones, prominent or flat frontal part.

Cheek-bones of Rottweiler are underdeveloped; shape of the muzzle is prolate, but if maxillary arches are overdeveloped the muzzle will look shortcut. It is very important for the dogs of breed Rottweiler to have a strong snatch and only the dog with strong, broad jaws can have such snatch.

If Rottweiler’s muzzle is too oblongish and pointed, then the jaws of such dog are rather skimpy but the teeth are small and it is extremely undesirable for trackers dogs to look like that. So called raw muzzle of Rottweiler is a big default: in that case upper and low lips fit the jaws very bad, furthermore upper lips overhang lower jaw greatly and flews appear in the corners of the dog’s mouth.

The deformities of Rottweiler’s head structure are too shortcut or too long muzzle, light and skimpy skull shape resembling the head of a beagle, or too heavy shape of skull when the bridge boundary from frontal part to muzzle is poorly defined. Wrinkling of Rottweiler’s head is not allowed as well.


Regular structure of Rottweiler’s muzzle (front and side view)


Irregular shape of Rottweiler’s head: domelike and squire

Front of Rottweiler’s head

Foreface of the dog includes eyes, ears and neck. All these parts must be in strict conformity with the standards, especially if you are going to prepare your Rottweiler for participation on various exhibitions and dog shows. Absence of any deformities is also important for the dog to be used for pedigree breeding.


According to the standard Rottweiler’s muzzle must be broad at the base, and then it narrows towards the point of the nose. Dorslim of the nose (nasal part before bridge of nose) must be upright. Proper structure of Rottweiler’s nose has large nostrils; lobe of the nose is wide, well defined and of black color.

Proper structure of nose

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