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Evaluating the qualities of any dog, including Rottweiler, experts pay attention to such factor as excitability threshold. This notion imports a time interval at the end of which dog responds to the irritant affecting it. Rottweiler’s reaction to bark of arms shot is also considered. In this case indifferent attitude of the dog to such irritant is highly appreciated.

Calm reaction, absence of nervousness and fear in the time of shot is an ideal variant during evaluation of Rottweiler’s working abilities. Experts also give attention to general temperament of Rottweiler. The dogs of this breed must respond to exogenous irritants very quickly and correctly.

Normally, Rottweiler has sanguineous temperament that is characterized by agility, vitality and mental ballast of the animal. During performance in the ring Rottweilers must show the highest standards of training, demonstrate obedience to their owners, controllability.

If Rottweiler shows extra aggression not responding to commands, starts behaving inadequately or even attempts to attack someone surrounding it, then the experts usually disqualify such animal. Altogether, during examination the dogs that are very wicked or very shy, those suffering from excessive incredulity to the wider public, showing extra nervousness, fearing report of discharge may be harvested (Table 1).

Any way breed standard requirements imply that Rottweilers should be disciplined, very intelligent, balanced, brave and confident when being in different situations.


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