What if buying an adult Rottweiler?

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Besides, behavioral traits of 16 weeks old dogs are known to be more evident than those of very young dogs, needless to say about older Rottweilers but sudden change of surrounding conditions and owner may involve numerous problems connected with education and training of Rottweiler. But this does not mean that you should disclaim all the intention of purchasing Rottweiler, for example, that is 4-5 months old.

The main thing for you to do is to consult a dog breeder and carefully watch Rottweiler during its living in Kennel. It is reasonable to choose Rottweiler-late bloomer provided that you are sure in your own tutorial capabilities, have enough patience to work with dog as well as keep in continuous touch with dog breeder who will be able to give you an advisory opinion.

You should not forget that when buying a puppy-late bloomer you as its future owner will have to gain more knowledge and patience concerning proper education of the dog; therefore it is necessary for you to get close consultation of a specialist in regard to this issue.

The advantage of getting of 16-18 weeks Rottweiler puppy is that breed standard characteristics of the dogs at this age are possible to identify to a closer approximation and it is much easier at this age rather than at the age of 2 months old to find out if Rottweiler is susceptible to probable development of a disease.

Many future dog owners prefer having a young but still not grown-up Rottweiler, thinking that an adult animal will not be able to acclimatize itself to new environment and appearance of already grown-up and developed Rottweiler in house will involve unsolvable problems. However this opinion is very categorical.

If you buy a dog that is already grown-up from an experienced dog breeder then you may feel almost secure about its health and the ability to social adaptation. Certainly, you will have to devote many efforts during educational process but you should be informed that problems and troubles will be the same as while keeping an infant dog.

Purchase of an adult Rottweiler is nowhere near worst choice and such dog is quite capable to habituate itself to new environment and cope with tasks given to it by its current owner. Now we should consider some moments that new Rottweiler’s owner will face before getting an adult dog of this breed.

Most probably you will have to find out why this dog was not taken from a breeder before when it was a little puppy. As likely as not that this Rottweiler was bought when it was a puppy but later on it just was handed back to the first owner failing in dog education and management or due to some other reasons.

Exactly specific causation of the return produces numerous problems because former owner rarely acknowledge their mistakes committed during the educative process of dog Rottweiler.

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