Rottweiler puppy must learn to ease nature outside

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In order that Rottweiler puppy should habituate itself to an owner sooner and easier the following simple technique is used. Dogs are known to remember and distinguish circumambient smells wonderfully and a predominant one among the others must be smell of its owner.

Therefore you may place some object belonging personally to its owner near a sleeping rug of your Rottweiler puppy. It is not recommended to bring outside Rottweiler puppies at the age less than 2 months old immediately after their feeding. During this period their backbone and spinal muscles are still not well-developed but bones and limb ligaments are still invalid.

Walk on a full stomach is a very high stress for such puppy and sagging of spinal muscles may develop as a result and afterwards it will turn to be an irremediable deformity. On getting accustomed to owner’s smell Rottweiler puppy will sooner accommodate itself to a man also, but the object left near its rug will always remind it of an owner.

Rottweiler puppy taken from a Kennel is to get accustomed to observing discipline as soon as possible. In the first instance, it should habituate itself to emptying in the weather during walk. For that you should bring 2 months old Rottweiler puppy outside into the yard immediately after its feeding.

The dog will have to learn that on the morrow of meal it is a necessary walk for it where it will be able to empty but then play and skylark to its hearts content. After walking the dog should have a full rest–sleep on already familiar for it rug. But what to do if Rottweiler puppy failed to wait a prescribed time of walk and eased nature right on room floor?

In no case you should not swear at it and punish it for such liberty. Months or six-week Rottweiler puppy is still unable to control own organism or ask for going outside. In future the habit of wanting out and tutoring itself before going in the street will be developed in the dog. The main thing is to teach Rottweiler puppy to ease nature in the street until it is 5-6 months old.

At older age of Rottweiler it will be much more difficult for you to do that and at times even impossible. Without being trained properly even adult dogs are able to spring unpleasant surprises on their owners taking heed to empty somewhere at the corner of a drawing room.

Therefore you had better make certain efforts to get up early in the morning and air young Rottweiler regularly then to be engaged in reeducating of your careless pet in future. Further you may read the recommendations on teaching the dog to want out.

Contact with other dogs is necessary for social adaptation of Rottweiler.

If owner’s flat is in a high-rise block of flats, then when going down and up stairs it is recommended to take Rottweiler puppy in arms or use elevator until the dog is 5-6 months old. As far as muscles and vertebral bones are not too strong Rottweiler puppy may not move up and down the stairs on its own.

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